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Britain's Prince William 35, who has spent two years flying medevac missions for the East Anglia Air Ambulance in southeast England,is going to take his final flight as an air ambulance pilot Thursday. Prince William served for seven years in the Royal Air Force, gaining his wings in 2008
Hard Talks,It is the best description for result of the EU and UK negotiation that ends with one assured information that next phase of Brexit talks could not begin in the autumn. Today David Davis (L) and Michel Barnier led the first talks of Brexit which seems difficult more
By Tony wild Since 2 weeks and the southern provinces in France are facing deadly fires at the forest ...today the french authorities ordered with the evacuation of 10,000 people as fires hopscotched around the Riviera for a third day Wednesday, tearing through the forest of La Londe-les-Maures. A
Athens by Heide Julz In a late hour of Saturday, an average earthquake hit the Greek Island " Crete" according to the announcement of the Greek authorities at Sunday morning, July 16, 2017. Greek island of Crete hit by an earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale late Saturday
By|Abeer Almadawy British police announced they had seized smuggled weapons in the British-French Channel tunnel Police said they found 79 concealed pistols with ammunition inside engine parts on a trailer behind a van at a border checkpoint on the French side in the largest operation of its kind.Police charged
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