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Reported by|Abeer Almadawy

In a racist incident, unknown individuals threw explosive materials at a mosque in a small town in southern Sweden, during the Fajr prayer for Muslims.

Where a local television channel in Sweden reported that some people threw incendiary materials on the mosque, causing fire and damage in the mosque building during the dawn prayer

The channel said that the improvised explosive devices caused only material damage without loss of life

Swedish television station SVT reported that explosives were thrown from a window into the mosque, damaging its walls.

In a statement to the station, "Abdul Hakim Adan," the head of the Islamic Cultural Center supervising the mosque in the town, described the attack as "terrible."

He pointed out that the walls of the mosque are full of holes, because of the metal pieces placed within the explosive materials, as well as the crushing of windows.

According to preliminary investigations, the police said the attack was part of the country's racist hate crimes against Muslims for some time

Source: Agencies

Published in Europe