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By: Nadeemy Haded

Mexico has announced the nation's largest oil discovery since 1987 in the Kiske field in the coastal state of Tabasco, on the Gulf of Mexico.

Octavio Romero, president of the state-owned oil company Petrolios Mexicano, said the land area includes proven, potential, and possible reserves of 500 million barrels of crude equivalent.

Romero said that the first well was drilled in Kiske in June, and now produces 4,500 barrels per day.

The 34 km field is slated to contain 11 wells, and to produce 69,000 barrels per day in 2020, 110,000 barrels of oil and 410 million cubic feet of natural gas per day in 2021.

Source Sky News

Saturday, 07 December 2019 20:26

Strikes paralyze travel and movement in France


By; Nadeemy Haded

Strikes in France disrupted travel around the country on Saturday, while highway truck drivers closed, and most trains did not move due to workers' anger at President Emmanuel Macron's policies.

Tourists and shoppers faced stalled metro lines across Paris and semi-empty train stations, as the strike movement entered a protest against the government's plans to redesign a national pension system, its third day.

Truckers striking, in protest at the increased fuel tax, blocked highways from Provence in the southwest, to Normandy in the northwest.

Meanwhile, yellow jacket owners plan to revive their weekly demonstrations, against the backdrop of economic demands, on Saturday.

However, this chaos did not deter the government. "You will have to work longer," Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said clearly to the French in a speech on Friday.

The government says it will not raise the official retirement age, which is currently 62, but the new plan is expected to encourage workers to work longer.

President Macron said the reform, which would simplify a system that includes 42 specialized pension plans, would make the pension system more fair and financially sustainable.

Trade unions see the plan as a threat to workers' rights, hopes for a prolonged strike, and plan to hold protests over pension plans across the country on Tuesday.

It is worth noting that the French President will present the details of the plan next week.

Source Sky News


By: Nadeemy Haded

US President Donald Trump has confirmed Iran's release of American scientist Si Wang, vowing to work to free all US detainees illegally imprisoned overseas, as he put it.

In a statement released Saturday and published by the White House, Trump said that Wang had returned to the United States after spending 3 days in detention in Iran.

He added: "We thank our Swiss partners for their help in negotiating with Iran about Mr. Wang's release."

He added: "The security and welfare of American citizens is the greatest priority for the United States. The liberation of American prisoners is of vital importance to my administration, and we will continue to work hard to return all of our citizens imprisoned illegally abroad."

For his part, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo promised, "The United States will not calm down before it returns all the American prisoners in Iran and the whole world to their families."

Pompeo reiterated his country's gratitude to Switzerland, expressing satisfaction at the "constructive stance of the Iranian government on this issue."

Earlier on Saturday, Iran announced the exchange of the two countries, two detained American scientists, Chinese-American doctorate Si Wang, who has been detained by the Iranian authorities since 2016, and Iranian biologist Masoud Suleiman, who was arrested by Washington in 2018.

Source: Agencies


By: Nadeemy Haded

Ruslan Komayev of the Russian "Lavochkin" Space Industries, said that in 2020 a space observatory will be opened at the site of an old mosque in the Russian city of Vladikavkaz.

The observatory, is a scientific and educational center, and is used to illustrate the celestial sphere with stars, planets, satellites, comets and meteors, in which the eclipse of the sun and moon is studied and monitored, and watching various planets such as Mars and Venus.

Comayev, the owner of the idea and the initiator of its implementation, added: "The work took place over two years, as the site has a historical value and therefore a lot of work was done manually. The process of preparing documents took a long time and we can now say that the opening is scheduled for next January."

The mosque’s construction dates back to the 1870s, and during the Soviet era the building was converted into a star study hall, but was closed in 1992.

Komayev emphasized that during the restoration process, the historical appearance of the building was preserved.

Source: Tass


By: Nadeemy Haded

German media revealed that a group linked to right-wing circles led by a former military, is working to train civilians to fight and form informal armed militias similar to the "commando".

Media in Germany circulated footage recorded by a drone in June 2018 in front of previous army barracks south of the southern city of Mosbach, showing people in field outfits with what looked like machine guns.

It was revealed that these exercises are behind the Uniter organization that is specialized in supporting the military and current and former security officials, and its founder, Andre Schmidt, a former member of the German Special Forces, is known to run a group in the "Telegram" application that discusses plans to form informal security organizations in anticipation of a possible collapse of public order in the country .

The right-wing group has grown in popularity since Chancellor Angela Merkel's government began adopting the open door policy for immigrants in 2015.

There was talk of responding to the threat of possible terrorist attacks by storing weapons, combat equipment, and food, and until recently, members of the group have insisted that this is nothing but "intellectual experiences" unrelated to reality.

In response to the journalists, Schmidt said that what happened in Musbach was a medical training simulating relief operations in a combat zone under the protection of security elements, noting that the participants in the training were armed with air rifles that do not classify combat weapons.

However, the British newspaper "The Guardian" reported that she and ARD had seen an audio recording in which Schmidt expressed his intention to train "good ground forces that can be deployed quickly throughout Germany or anywhere else."

Schmidt faces charges of plotting to impersonate a Syrian refugee and launching a terrorist attack with the aim of holding "Islamic terrorism" responsible, and he denies there is a relationship between him and Uniter, although investigators have found a sign of the organization in his home.

The German prosecution is also investigating a police officer and a lawyer suspected of plotting to kidnap and assassinate "representatives of the political left".

Source: Guardian


The first conference of the national campaign to support the president for political media kicked off at the Egyptian Cultural Forum under the title "The role of media in protecting the country from rumors."

The conference was attended by a number of media figures from the provinces and local and international news agencies and some of the Arab figures and religious symbols.

The conference started by introducing the official spokesman of the media campaign, Ragheya Abu Al-Khair, to Major General Dr. Fawzi Ramadan, who delivered the press release of the campaign, starting with a welcoming speech to all the media that attended the conference.

The press release of the campaign included several themes, most notably

- The three-year campaign fought a fierce war with terrorism and anti-stability ideas, which made the first campaign is to provide a press media language that presents the truth and respects everyone as well as the stability of the country.

- The campaign did not come in defense of the legitimacy of the president, because the Egyptian Constitution guaranteed it through the popular referendum 2014-2019, but in defense of the legitimacy of Egypt against the right of its people to complete a stable life.

There is a media that created a foggy cloud between the public and the leadership and gave the media an opportunity to take advantage of these gaps and the campaign does not see that disinformation and lies and slander. Therefore, the campaign decided to provide a different model for the concept of campaigns in Egypt and initiatives, as it depends mainly on the methodology can be from other media in Egypt To do the same.

He concluded by stressing that Egypt welcomes friendship and peace with the world and is keen to respect each other.

This was followed by the presentation of the media spokesperson Mohamed Othman to the speech of the Vice President of the campaign, Dr. Abeer Al Maadawy,

who in turn gave the speech launching the program of the campaign, which began to confirm that since President Abdel Fattah El Sisi took the floor, he calls for improving the media system in Egypt. Campaign since its revitalization.

She gave a briefing on the program of the campaign, stressing that the campaign

Provides a perspective to the media partners through a modern media model presented by the campaign intellectually and practically and therefore provides a short development plan and another long-term development plan

The program is based on three

Stages; each stage will take 6 months

To complete the overall planning after a year and a half from now, this will require taking into account the plans of the state and cooperation with them

During the first phase launched by the campaign now

January 2020 - June 2020 will depend on several steps:

Steps ... to achieve the objectives of the campaign.

The steps are

Firstly ;

Research and scientific study to find out the reality of the media and the press now and to identify the places of imbalance media and journalists, and this will require the use of university professors faculties of media and the press and international expertise

The second step :

Presenting to the media and press partners inside and outside Egypt to use the latest international scientific programs related to the technology of audio-visual, print and electronic media, communication systems and technologies .... Good

The third step ;

Providing successful models globally from training centers and developing skills for journalists and media professionals around the republic and using all modern international press and media experiences.

The fourth step :

Establishing the structure of the media and the press

The establishment of a giant electronic portal and will be separated local media and national media and international media

This will also be in cooperation with the state institutions with which we will agree to allocate channels, newspapers, radio and local news sites within the borders of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the subsequent news, interests and issues dealt with

And the allocation of channels, newspapers, radio and international news sites outside the borders of the Arab Republic of Egypt shares the world with the most important news and issues

An open and expanded media mix is ​​no longer required under serious demand for specialized media of all kinds

And here will be the official national media to lead the march with us as it is the most acceptable and accommodating to modernize

Step 5

Establishing the transition to the era of smart cities, media and journalist in the communication technology and in cooperation with the relevant ministries and the formation of awareness of an Egyptian citizen to keep up with the stage.

She concluded by stressing that this program will have the ability to respond to the rumors and confine them and control the filtering of media and rehabilitation of the Egyptian society with a culture of political awareness and a systematic awareness policy to cope with the new systems of advanced media more modern and share the human right to authentic knowledge without prejudice Security system and the stability of the country and subject to scientific governance and state policy aimed at the advancement of citizens

On the other hand, it will facilitate joint cooperation with global media partners and contribute to the formation of a real awareness of the situation in Egypt and update the image of them will result in intellectual and cultural openness between peoples and achieve the goals of human progress on our beautiful planet, which has become a small village in which we share Life of news and information and our voice reaches some and concerted efforts to receive sophisticated systems of a unified global media soon and qualify us to preserve our identity and our affiliations and communities in return without overlap or conflict.

The spokesman of the media campaign, Mohammed Suleiman, concluded the conference with questions and answers

The conference ended with recommendations in cooperation with all state agencies to implement the programs of the campaign and support the President in curbing rumors so that the country enjoys stability and prosperity


By: Nadeemy Haded

US President Donald Trump said on Monday that his country would impose tariffs on steel and aluminum from Brazil and Argentina.

"Brazil and Argentina have significantly reduced their currencies," he wrote on Twitter, noting that it hurts American farmers. "Immediately and physically, I will return the duties on steel and aluminum to the United States from these two countries."

Trump called on the US Federal Reserve to “act in the same way” so that “other countries are not using our strong dollar to further cut.”

In their currencies. "

Last year, Trump announced a 25 percent tariff on steel and 10 percent on aluminum imports from all over the world, but in March he agreed to remove Brazil and Argentina from the list as well as previously listed countries.

Trump said in a subsequent tweet that US markets "rose to as much as 21 percent" after his decision.

However, the US steel sector continues to suffer from a decline in total employment, and production in smelting furnaces stopped last month.

Source agencies

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