By; Nadeemy Haded

Strikes in France disrupted travel around the country on Saturday, while highway truck drivers closed, and most trains did not move due to workers' anger at President Emmanuel Macron's policies.

Tourists and shoppers faced stalled metro lines across Paris and semi-empty train stations, as the strike movement entered a protest against the government's plans to redesign a national pension system, its third day.

Truckers striking, in protest at the increased fuel tax, blocked highways from Provence in the southwest, to Normandy in the northwest.

Meanwhile, yellow jacket owners plan to revive their weekly demonstrations, against the backdrop of economic demands, on Saturday.

However, this chaos did not deter the government. "You will have to work longer," Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said clearly to the French in a speech on Friday.

The government says it will not raise the official retirement age, which is currently 62, but the new plan is expected to encourage workers to work longer.

President Macron said the reform, which would simplify a system that includes 42 specialized pension plans, would make the pension system more fair and financially sustainable.

Trade unions see the plan as a threat to workers' rights, hopes for a prolonged strike, and plan to hold protests over pension plans across the country on Tuesday.

It is worth noting that the French President will present the details of the plan next week.

Source Sky News

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