By: Nadeemy Haded

German media revealed that a group linked to right-wing circles led by a former military, is working to train civilians to fight and form informal armed militias similar to the "commando".

Media in Germany circulated footage recorded by a drone in June 2018 in front of previous army barracks south of the southern city of Mosbach, showing people in field outfits with what looked like machine guns.

It was revealed that these exercises are behind the Uniter organization that is specialized in supporting the military and current and former security officials, and its founder, Andre Schmidt, a former member of the German Special Forces, is known to run a group in the "Telegram" application that discusses plans to form informal security organizations in anticipation of a possible collapse of public order in the country .

The right-wing group has grown in popularity since Chancellor Angela Merkel's government began adopting the open door policy for immigrants in 2015.

There was talk of responding to the threat of possible terrorist attacks by storing weapons, combat equipment, and food, and until recently, members of the group have insisted that this is nothing but "intellectual experiences" unrelated to reality.

In response to the journalists, Schmidt said that what happened in Musbach was a medical training simulating relief operations in a combat zone under the protection of security elements, noting that the participants in the training were armed with air rifles that do not classify combat weapons.

However, the British newspaper "The Guardian" reported that she and ARD had seen an audio recording in which Schmidt expressed his intention to train "good ground forces that can be deployed quickly throughout Germany or anywhere else."

Schmidt faces charges of plotting to impersonate a Syrian refugee and launching a terrorist attack with the aim of holding "Islamic terrorism" responsible, and he denies there is a relationship between him and Uniter, although investigators have found a sign of the organization in his home.

The German prosecution is also investigating a police officer and a lawyer suspected of plotting to kidnap and assassinate "representatives of the political left".

Source: Guardian

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