Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Soilo revealed that Germany and the Netherlands have announced their readiness to receive their citizens who were joining the terrorist organization "Daesh" with their families.

He said in a speech in the southeastern state of Wan on Wednesday that the German and Dutch sides showed a constructive attitude regarding the receipt of "ISIS" elements during talks that lasted nearly five days.

He added: "The two sides confirmed their intention to receive their citizens who were joined by ISIS terrorists with their wives and children, including our detainees, who are under our surveillance in Syria."

He hoped that other countries would show the same attitude and constructive cooperation as Germany and the Netherlands.

He pointed to the need for all countries to pay attention to terrorist elements carrying their nationality, in order to collectively combat terrorism, stressing that Turkey is not a hotel for terrorists of other countries.

He revealed that his country had arrested a very important person from the "Daesh" recently in Syria, indicating that investigations are still ongoing with him.

Interior Ministry spokesman Ismail Gatakli announced on Monday the start of deporting foreign terrorists outside the Turkish border.

Earlier this month, Suwailo confirmed that his country "will send elements of" ISIS "to their countries whether their nationality was dropped or not.

On Thursday, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that more than 1,150 ISIS members were being held in Turkey's prisons.

Source: "Anatolia"

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