Greek police said on Saturday they had arrested a 65-year-old man sought by German authorities in connection with the 1985 hijacking and kidnapping of people in 1987.

Police said in a statement that the suspect was arrested on the island of Kimonos, on September 19, and transferred to the court, which issued a decision to remand him.

According to the Greek newspaper Protothema, the suspect is a Lebanese national, noting that one of the hijackers linked to the Lebanese Hezbollah, who was hijacked on 14 June 1985, was a TWA Boeing carrying a flight from Athens to Rome. With 145 passengers

on board, they demanded the release of hundreds of prisoners from Israeli and southern Lebanon.

The hijackers forced the crew of eight to go to Beirut, where they released a number of hostages, including the famous Greek singer, Demis Roussos, in return for refueling. The plane then flew to Algeria to return to Beirut, where the terrorists killed an officer from

The US Marines, resisting them, shot and threw his body at the runway.

The plane remained at the airport in the Lebanese capital, until June 30, where negotiations with the hijackers resulted in the release of the remaining hostages who were transferred to Syria first, and then to West Germany, aboard a US military plane.

Two years later, in 1987, the kidnappers, Lebanese, were arrested in Frankfurt. The German authorities were preparing to extradite them to the United States, but the rendition failed after the kidnappers' agents kidnapped two German citizens and replaced them with


According to the newspaper, one of the Greek newspapers reported that the suspect is Lebanese and was chased by the German authorities during 34 years on charges of belonging to "Hezbollah" and the hijacking of a TWA plane and the killing of the American


Source: Reuters + RIA Novosti

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