By; Abeer Almadawy   

Terrorism continues its mission in hitting Europe, At Friday it hit 2 Capitals in near time by knife attacks.

it start in Belgian when a Somali man(30) years has attacked three of policemen who were injured and one of them is in critical condition.

The policemen were attacked on Boulevard Emile Jacqmain in the center of the Belgian capital at about 8:15 pm local time (18:15 UTC) , while they have  deployed to the streets of Brussels following last year's multi-pronged terrorist attack in the city, that hit the airport and a metro station and left 32 dead.

The Belgian police said on Friday that they had "neutralized" a man suspected of attacking three soldiers with a knife."A man armed with a knife attacked a group of soldiers. The soldiers fired at him and neutralized the individual," said Jonathan Pfunde a spokesman for Belgium's Federal Police. 

The Belgian Prosecutors also said the suspected assailant was dead, and an investigation is opened to see the circumstances of the incident which is terrorist work or something else, though all the evidences speak about a terrorist attacks on policemen.

After 2 hours nearly , The capital of U.K. ,London announced that two police officers were attacked by a man with a knife outside Buckingham Palace.Their injured is light on their arms and they are treated at the scene arms while police arrestited  the attacker.

London's Metropolitan Police said later in a statement that the man, believed to be in his early twenties, stopped his car along the Mall at about 8:35pm local time (19:35 UTC) on Friday. A large knife was spotted in the car and during the course of his arrest, two officers suffered minor injuries. They were later taken to hospital for treatment.




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