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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to allocate two billion pounds ($ 2.6 billion) to spend on projects to encourage walking and cycling in his country. Johnson's move comes as part of a drive to improve public health in the country and encourage abandonment of driving in coronary
The Ukrainian authorities did not exclude the continuation of the quarantine in the capital Kiev because of the outbreak of the Corona virus, a year and a half, if the infection rates continue at the same current rate. The head of the Governmental Authority for Consumer Protection, Oleg Ruban,
Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz said that his country, which is one of 4 countries seeking to make changes to the European Union's planned fund to support the recovery from Corona, wants the largest share of that aid to go to the "poorest countries of the bloc." Austria, the Netherlands,
Today, Monday, the Russian health authorities recorded a stable death rate and new infections with the emerging coronavirus, compared to the statistics of the previous day. In its daily report, the Operations Room for fighting the spread of the Corona virus in Russia announced that 135 new deaths were
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has invited the medical staff who oversaw treatment for the emerging coronavirus, to his official residence on Downing Street. Earlier, Johnson praised the doctors, saying they had saved his life, and in honor of one of them he named his son. The visit of
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