|AP LONDON — Britain's Royal Navy has escorted one of Russia's warships through the North Sea near U.K. waters, officials said Tuesday, amid increasing tensions between the two countries. The HMS St. Albans with 190 sailors on board was used to escort the Russian Admiral Gorshkov frigate on Monday
Reported by|Abeer Almadawy In a racist incident, unknown individuals threw explosive materials at a mosque in a small town in southern Sweden, during the Fajr prayer for Muslims. Where a local television channel in Sweden reported that some people threw incendiary materials on the mosque, causing fire and damage
By /Heide Julz The major set back U.S. technology firm ( Uber) that has become a big player in the cities of the world for transport system is banned from London according to a decision with withdrawing its licenses in the city. though the governmental condemns as there are
By ;Christian Megan According to The Associated Press said that an incident of attacks on female tourists from US has papered today in Marseille ,France.... where the prosecutor’s office says four young female U.S. tourists have been attacked with acid in Marseille‘s main train station by a woman who
London By:Abeer Almadawy Terrorism hits the capital London again, where a bomb exploded in a metro train Friday morning in London at the Parsons Green station in the British Kingdom Resulting unknown number of injuries with burning. The British authorities announced that a limited explosion at the Parsons Green
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