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The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed that Russian President, Vladimir Putin, will announce a new date for voting on constitutional amendments at a time he will consider appropriate based on health conditions.

"These decisions are taken by the Russian president, and you know that he calls on everyone not to be drawn behind the axiom," Peskov said, in an interview broadcast on "Russia-1" channel on Sunday, stressing the need to rely on accurate data for scientists, experts and stakeholders.

He added that Putin "will announce a new date at a time that he deems appropriate."

Peskov pointed out, however, that the meetings held by the Russian President via a video bridge with no personal meetings being justified on the basis of the need to protect him from the risk of contracting the virus, stressing that these measures do not affect his agenda.

Putin had previously submitted an initiative to implement a package of amendments to the Russian constitution approved by the country's parliament, and it was planned to organize a general vote in the country on the implementation of these measures on April 22, but the authorities took a decision to postpone it to another date due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

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By ... Nadeemy Haded

Today, Sunday, Canada recorded a new rise in daily deaths from the Coronavirus, with 96 cases reported, compared to 78 in Saturday's statistic.

According to the Canadian Public Health Agency, in a new statistic, the death toll from the Corona virus in the country during the past 24 hours has increased by 96 cases from 6996 to 7092.

The index of increased mortality of HIV in Canada on a daily basis thus a new rise compared to statistics for the past days, as recorded in the country according to the data published on May 28, 128 cases, and on May 29 119, and on May 30 78.

The Health Agency also stated that the general number of registered infections with the Corona virus increased by 775 cases during the past day, bringing the total to 90,516 after it was at the level of 89,741 cases.

The index of high incidence of coronavirus in Canada is relatively low compared to the last days, as it was recorded in the country, according to the statistics published on May 28, 963 cases, and on May 29, 954, and on May 30, 885.

The Canadian provinces have already begun lifting the restrictions they imposed due to the outbreak of the virus, with the intention to resume more economic activities, while warm weather is pushing more people out of their homes.

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By ... Nadeemy Haded

On Sunday, the Philippine Ministry of Health announced that it recorded 7 deaths and 862 new cases of coronavirus.

The ministry said in a bulletin, that the total number of deaths increased to 957, while the total number of cases reached 18086 cases.

She added that 101 recovered from the disease, bringing the total recovery cases to 3,909 cases.

The Philippines will begin easing general isolation measures in the capital, Manila, from Monday.

Source: Reuters

By ... Nadeemy Haded


The American city of Indianapolis police said that a second person was killed during the violence in the city center, which started on Saturday and extended until Sunday morning.

One person was killed late on Saturday and the second at 2:30 am on Sunday morning, but the city police confirmed that its members were not involved in the killing of either of them.

Police spokesman Michael Hewitt said the cause of these deaths was not immediately clear.

"There is no way to link these deaths, at the present time, to any kind of protests or anything. We do not know whether they are separate incidents or what they are," he added.

The protests turned into violent violence for the second consecutive night in Indianapolis, where the windows of several buildings were shattered.

Individuals also stormed and looted a number of some stores, prompting the police to fire tear gas.

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By ... Nadeemy Haded


US President Donald Trump announced on Sunday that the United States would designate "AnTiva" as a terrorist organization.

"America will classify Antiva as a terrorist organization," Trump said in a tweet on his official Twitter account. Without adding more details.

The US president accuses Antiva of causing chaos in the country. He said earlier on Twitter, "It is Antiva and the radical left. Don't blame others!"

Trump's announcement comes amid violent protests across the country, rejecting police brutality after the death of a black man who appeared in a video clip trying to breathe while a white policeman kneeling on his neck in Minneapolis.

Antifah is a word that denotes the "anti-fascist" principle.

"Antiva" is a secret movement, and it has no known central administration, nor registered members, and they usually organize their movements spontaneously, out of the eyes of the security men and the police.

The movement aims to combat racism, capitalism and discrimination. Her style tends to be violent during protests.

Although the "Antiva" movement reappeared with the arrival of President Trump to the White House, its roots are long history, and political literature dates back to the period after the First World War.

The movement first appeared in Italy to fight fascism there in its beginnings in the year 1919, which was accompanied by the escalation of repression of socialist and workers' associations in the country at the time.

The movement's main members often appear masked, active in many US states, and say they seek to protect their societies from the extreme right and neo-Nazis.

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By ... Nadeemy Haded


The NHL Hockey League has become the first major professional championship in the United States to confirm the resumption of the season, which was halted two and a half months ago by the outbreak of the new Corona virus, but without specifying a date or place to return.

The NBA was the first major tournament in the United States to suspend the season on March 11, after it was found that a French Utah jazz player, Rudi Goubert, had been hit by "Covid 19", and then the other leagues announced the next day.

After two and a half months of hiatus, the Hockey League confirmed officially that it would resume the season, with the transition to the playoffs exclusively, and raised the number of teams participating in these roles to 24, that the matches take place behind closed doors in two cities.

In a video released on Tuesday, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman confirmed the tournament's resumption, but "fans have to wait a bit to find out when and where to return after obtaining the green light from the authorities."

Batman said that 10 cities are expected to host the knockout stages, including 7 Americans: Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh, in addition to 3 Canadian women who are Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton (7 Canadian clubs participate in the championship out of 31).

Batman revealed that the League has put together a long list of candidate cities in order to maintain the flexibility of the schedule, explaining: "We did not want to find ourselves booked. We do not want to go to a place where there is a lot of Covid 19 disease, or we do not want to go to a place that does not We can take the test we need "in order to make sure we don't have the Coronavirus.

"There will be extensive testing. They must be widely available without obstructing local needs," he said.

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By ... Nadeemy Haded


The President of the Sudanese Council of Sovereignty, Abd al-Fattah Al-Burhan, agreed with American officials to end the mission of the United Nations and African Union (UNAMID), which is located in the Darfur region of western Sudan, in October.

This came during a joint phone call held by Al-Burhan with US Secretary of State Tebbour Tagi and Donald Booth, the US special envoy for Sudan, according to the official Sudanese news agency, "Suna", on Tuesday evening.

Al-Burhan confirmed in the phone call that the future of the international mission does not include talking about an extension for a new period, and that the end of its mission will be in October.

He stressed that the new mission be composed according to Sudan's letter to the United Nations on February 27th.

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdock sent a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations last February, in which he called for the help of the United Nations under the sixth item to build peace and promote stability in the Darfur region, as a well-known and approved mechanism applied in the international system, and an exercise to end the role of the current mission that It has military power.

The UNAMID mission was formed in 2007 under Chapter Seven of the United Nations Charter, to keep peace and protect civilians in the Darfur region, in an attempt to stop the civil war that has been going on there since 2003.

The mission has been deployed in the western region since the beginning of 2008, and it is considered one of the largest international peacekeeping missions with a population of about 20,000, including soldiers and staff, but the Security Council worked to reduce its number in 2017.

It is expected that the UN Security Council will issue at the end of this month its decision regarding the new mission, whether it will be established under Chapter VII, which authorizes the use of military force, or Chapter VI, which limits its functions in providing political and technical advice.

The transitional government in Sudan took office last September, following the overthrow of the Omar al-Bashir regime, after popular protests that broke out in December 2018 and lasted for several months.

The government said that its top priority was to end conflicts throughout Sudan, especially in the Darfur region.

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By ... Nadeemy Haded

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