In a a braver decision Australian government agreed to pay to the detainees of Manus  more than 70 million AUS dollars . 

The detainees had alleged they suffered serious physical and psychological injuries during their time on the Papua New Guinea Manus Island between 2012 and 2016.

They wanted compensation from the Australian government and the detention center manager for what they suffered. 

"While fleeing religious persecution and violence, they came to Australia seeking protection, but rather than considering their cases on shore, the Government sent this vulnerable group of people to be held on Manus Island indefinitely," said Andrew Baker, the principal lawyer of the plaintiffs.

The class action was led by 35-year-old Iranian national Majid Karami Kamasaee, who was detained on Manus Island for 11 months from September 2013, and remains in a Melbourne detention center.

He attempted to reach Australia by boat from Indonesia, but it was intercepted by the Navy and he was transferred to the offshore processing center. 

Source / The Australian 



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