By / Christian Megan Few hours before the American CNN channel announced a t said it belongs to one of its sources says that the Acting US ambassador to China quit over Trump climate decision. CNN added; US ambassador to China David Rank, a A career foreign service officer
Report/Abeer Almadawy Reality Leigh Winner, 25, Was arrested over an accusation of leaking top secret reports related to the Russian hacking efforts during the 2016 presidential election. Winner's story of being arrested was revealed shorty in report showed how Russia could to hack the presidential campaign of trump. And
Report/ Hue Gey The country's opposition parties, and former vice minister of education Kihei Maekawa, accused the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on May 29 of providing special favors to kake Gakuen which is a school based in southwestern Japan's Okayama, and chaired by Abe's close friend Kotaro kake.
By|Tony Wild Istanbul,May 25, 2017 Five Turkish security personnel were killed and four others injured on Thursday in clashes with militants in Turkey's
Sri Lanka's navy intercepted a boat carrying 30 Rohingya refugees who had been living in India and two suspected Indian traffickers after they tried to enter the country illegally, police said on Monday, Reuters reported.The island nation's navy and coastguard stopped the boat and its human cargo, which included
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