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  Indian authorities have deported a family of five Rohingya Muslims to Myanmar ,to become the second group to deport in four months in their campaign  on facing the  illegal immigrants.

The Government of India considers the Rohingyas as illegal immigrants and they threaten the  national security, and has ordered the monitoring and deportation of tens of thousands of people living in small communities and informal neighborhoods.

"Authorities arrested the family, consisting of a husband, wife and three children, and imprisoned them in the northeastern state of Assam in 2014, to enter India without proper documentation," police said.

State police official Haskar Gyoti said the family had been handed over to officials from Myanmar and that they had crossed the border.

Members of the family appeared in a Reuters photograph at the border between India and Myanmar, sitting in front of security officials from both countries.

"There are 20 other Myanmar nationals in the Assam state jails, all of whom have been arrested to enter the country illegally," said the head of the family, Mahantha, but it is not clear whether they were all from the Rohingya minority in Myanmar.

India's deportation of the first group of 7 Rohingyas to Myanmar in October raised fears of further deportations among residents of their refugee camps and the fear of their harsh treatment by the authorities in Myanmar.

Source: Reuters

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