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After the discovery of a number of tunnels coming from Lebanon to the Israeli territory, Israel is deploying barricades at all entrances and exits of the country bordering the Israeli-Lebanese border.

The Lebanese army and UN contingent UNIFIL in southern Lebanon have raised the alert level today after Israeli soldiers over the last few hours placed a barrier of barbed wire along the Blue Line at the border between the two countries, Lebanese news agency NNA reports.
According to Lebanese media, Israel's move will raise tensions in the southern area of Lebanon next to the Blue Line.
Over the past two weeks Israel has kicked off in its territory, south of the demarcation line with Lebanon, operation 'northern shield', which aims to bring to light tunnels attributed to Hezbollah, the anti-Israeli Lebanese Shiite movement. Israel has so far announced it has found four tunnels. The Lebanese government, of which Hezbollah is an integral part, has so far gained time by saying it is not aware of the presence of underground galleries that connect Lebanon to the Jewish State.
A UN Security Council has been scheduled on Wednesday to start discussing the issue and Israel is preparing to bring evidence over the presence of the tunnels.
UNIFIL, the contingent deployed in the south, which includes some 1,000 Italian soldiers, has asked Lebanese authorities to start investigating on the Lebanese side. Meanwhile, UN and Lebanese troops are patrolling in particular the Blue Line in the areas where Israeli soldiers are conducting excavation work.


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