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By:Nadeemy Haded Last February, Wuhan, central China, reported thousands of cases of coronavirus every day, but in a dramatic development the city authorities announced, on Thursday, no cases were recorded, either in Wuhan or its province, Khubei. From the daily nightmare to zero in the original Corona focus, a
By: Nadeemy Haded Chinese authorities announced on Sunday that one of its provinces and three cities in the country will take new measures in an effort to contain the spread of the virus that causes acute pneumonia. The official local China STRTV said that the coastal city of Shantou
By: Nadeemy Haded Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park in Hong Kong are closed Sunday to help prevent the spread of the deadly corona virus that has spread in Wuhan, China. CCTV reported that work would continue as usual in hotels in Hong Kong's Disneyland. Before that, the Shanghai
By: Nadeemy Haded Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced on Monday that his country will work to establish a space defense unit, to protect itself from potential threats. Shinzo Abe said that the new space defense unit will work closely with its US counterpart, launched by President Donald Trump
By: Nadeemy Haded North Korean leader Kim Jong-un gathered the main leaders of the (ruling) Labor Party before the deadline he had given to Washington expired, it reported, on Sunday, the official North Korean News Agency. The party's plenary session, which opened on Saturday, came after Pyongyang made a
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