BY| Ghafan Heaj

An official of an international relief organization from Kaga-Bandoro, 400 kilometers north of the capital Bangui, said at least 15 people were killed in the fighting.including members of the MINOSKA mission, members of the "National Movement of the Central African Republic", the militia of the rebel Silica coalition, who fired on the UN mission. According to security sources.
A UN source familiar with the incident said that "rebels of the National Movement of the Central African Republic have caused corruption in the city due to the issue of revenge," and then "clashed with the Pakistani and Burundian battalions (in Minoska) stationed in the city."

And the result at least 15 people were killed following an exchange of fire between militia members of the former Celica Coalition and the Blue Berets of the United Nations Mission

United States (Minuska)

Chaos ravaged Central Africa in 2013, after the Silica rebels ousted former President Francois Bozize, leading to a counter-attack by the Enti Balacca groups. The military intervention of France in December 2013 - October 2016, the United Nations allowed the election of President Fusistan Arshang Twadira, and the return of calm to Bangui, but not within the country where the violence has escalated since last November.

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