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The first lady of the country of Lesotho faces charges of being involved in the murder of the former wife of the Prime Minister of the country, in a "strange" case of its kind on the African continent.

Messayaiah Taban returned to her country, Lesotho, on Tuesday, to surrender to the authorities, after she left the country last month to escape arrest, after being accused of killing the ex-wife of her husband, Thomas Taban, the country's current prime minister.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Muketi Basika, said that Taban would remain in detention, and would be presented to court as soon as the Public Prosecution Director prepared the charge sheet.

An arrest warrant was issued for the first lady on the day she fled the country, on January 10, after she refused to cooperate with the police to interrogate her in connection with the death of the former Prime Minister's wife, Libo Lillo.

The murder took place two days before the prime minister was inaugurated for a second term, and two years after the court's decision that the then "first lady", Libo Lilo, would receive financial allocations from the state.

The small African country was shocked by the killing of the former prime minister's wife, in 2017, who was fighting a fierce divorce "battle" with her husband, the country's prime minister.

According to the BBC, a number of people attacked Libo Lilo one day while returning home, and shot her several times at close range, to drown her blood on the side of the road.

It is reported that Thomas Taban married his current wife, Messiah, just two months after Lippo Lillo was killed.

The police questioned the prime minister two weeks ago, about using his mobile phone to communicate with the crime scene.

The 80-year-old prime minister announced last month that he intended to step down because his ruling party said he was no longer fit to lead the country inside South Africa.

Source Sky News

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