By :Abeer Almadawy

In a strong move, Chad decided to close the embassy of Qatar and give its diplomatic team ten days to leave after it announced the dismissal of the Qatari ambassador.

Where Chadian authorities announced today the closure of the Qatari embassy in N'Djamena and gave 10 days to its employees to leave the country, accusing Doha of "destabilizing Chad since the Libyan crisis " an official source said.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chad informs the decision is because of the continued interference of the State of Qatar in attempts to destabilize Chad, And used the crisis in Libya, to do its plan .

So the Government has decided to close the embassy and the departure of the Ambassador and the diplomatic staff from the country Through the following ten-days period " .

Explaining the decision came to "maintain peace and stability in the region.".
Chad recalled its ambassador to Doha last June.

The move comes after N'Djamena was criticized for exploiting some terrorist groups that are destabilizing the region, as well as for the suffering of Chad to pursue the terrorist elements of Foucault, Haram and Da'ash, the Front of Nasra and other groups that cross the Chadian border through Sudan, Libya and others. They carry out terrorist operations backed by Qatar financially and politically

A document issued by the Chadian Foreign Ministry confirms Qatar's involvement in supporting those groups that threaten the security of Chad and its people and that it has proven documents proving Doha's involvement in financing and encouraging these terrorist groups, which causes great annoyance.

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