the British Minister of Trade confirmed that London complied with a judicial order related to its decisions regarding granting licenses to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, which means the possibility of issuing new licenses to export weapons to the Kingdom.

In a statement, Commerce Secretary Liz Trouss said that the government "has now re-taken decisions that were subject to judicial review on a valid legal basis, as called for by the June 20 Court of Appeals ruling."

Truss noted that the review showed that Saudi Arabia has "goodwill and ability to comply with international humanitarian law".

On this basis, she concluded, there is no clear possibility that arms exports and military hardware to Saudi Arabia may be exploited in serious violation of international humanitarian law.

She continued, "Consequently, the pledge my predecessor made to the court that we will not grant any new licenses to export weapons or military hardware to Saudi Arabia for possible use in Yemen is no longer valid."

In June last year, the Court of Appeal concluded that the British government had violated the law in decision-making processes regarding granting licenses to export arms to Saudi Arabia, after activists indicated evidence of the use of weapons in violation of human rights laws.

The London court decision did not require a moratorium on arms exports to Saudi Arabia, but the government was forced to stop granting new export licenses to sell arms to the kingdom, which is the largest buyer of British weapons.

Source: "Reuters"

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