Cheryexeed, a subsidiary of Chinese giant Chery, has announced the start of selling a new car in Russia and some global markets, many likened it to modern models of "Range Rover" cars.

The Cheryexeed TXL was built on the M3X platforms Chery developed with the German company Benteler, and proved its worth in many tests, and got a distinctive structure 4 meters long and 77 centimeters wide, 188 cm wide and 170 cm high, the distance between the wheel hubs in it is 280 cm.

Chery was interested in showing the spirit of modernity and elegance in this car, and adorned it with headlights and narrow background lights, and elements of shiny chrome on the circumference of the structure and inside the cockpit, and also gave clear attention to its design from the inside, as it supplied it with a distinctive design transmission, and an advanced driving interface in which the latest technologies available In modern cars, in addition to comfortable leather seats, their positions and temperature can be controlled via electrical systems.

This car also got accident airbags to ensure the safety of all passengers, and systems to park it safely based on cameras and front and rear distance sensors, in addition to electronic systems to monitor tire pressure, and systems to prevent slipping on turns and slopes.

This vehicle can survive off-road thanks to its 21-inch chassis, large wheels, front and four-wheel drive systems, and has a low fuel consumption thanks to its advanced gasoline engine, which has a capacity of 1.6 liters and 190 horsepower.

Source: autoreview

By:Nadeemy Haded

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