By:Nadeemy Haded

As the news on the spread of the new Corona virus circulates around the world, the world is increasingly concerned about the epidemic that has infected more than half a million people and claimed more than 27,000 lives.

In this report, we review the latest developments, figures and the most important news related to the Coronavirus around the world:

- The Mauritanian Minister of Health announced the registration of two new cases of the Coronavirus, bringing the total number to 5.

- The UAE recorded 63 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 468.

- The health authorities in the Netherlands have announced the death of 93 other patients with the Coronavirus.

- The Saudi Ministry of Health announced the death of one person, bringing the total death of corona to 4, compared to 1,203 injuries and 37 cures.

Vietnam recorded 11 new cases, with a total of 174, without any HIV deaths.

- The total number of deaths from coronavirus in Switzerland rose to 235 people, and infections rose to 13,312 cases.

- According to a statistic for "Agence France Presse", the total number of new infections of the Corona virus in the world exceeded the 600,000 mark on Saturday.

- Iraq recorded 48 new injuries in addition to two deaths.

- The situation is getting more serious in Spain, where the number of cases exceeded the 72,000 mark, and deaths rose to 5,690.

A new death was recorded in Lebanon, bringing the number to 8 deaths, out of a total of 412 injuries.

- The UAE conducted 860 laboratory examinations of people who received them from China, and all results were negative.

In Iran, the country worst affected by the epidemic in the Middle East, 139 new deaths were recorded, bringing the total to 2517.

Malaysia recorded 159 new cases of coronavirus and a total of 2,320 cases.

- The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced the monitoring of 10 new infections during the past 24 hours, which brings the total cases recorded to 235, while 7 patients recovered to reach the total of those recovering to 64.

- Morocco announced that the number of injuries rose to 358, compared to 23 deaths and 11 cases of recovery.

In Germany, the number of people infected with the Corona virus rose to 48,582, while the number of deaths reached 325.

- The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed the detection of 6 new cases in the West Bank, bringing the total number of injuries to 97.

Sudan announced the detection of two new cases of coronavirus, for citizens coming from abroad.

- The Israeli Ministry of Health recorded 425 new injuries, bringing the total to 3460.

In India, the number of HIV infections rose to 873, while 19 deaths were recorded and 78 recovered.

- The Japanese capital, Tokyo, recorded more than 50 new infections, the largest daily increase in the number of infections in the city.

- The Sultanate of Oman announced the detection of 21 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the number of registered cases to 152.

 Panama announced the death of 5 new cases of the virus in the country, bringing the total to 14, as it detected 112 new infections, and the total amounted to 786 cases.

In Thailand, a new death was recorded, bringing the total death toll to 6 compared to 1,245 injuries.

- The toll in China is still on the way down, after recording 3 new deaths from the Corona virus, in addition to 54 new cases.

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