By:Nadeemy Haded

Today, more than 1.5 billion people are forced to stay in their homes around the world, due to quarantine decisions imposed by the authorities, in order to curb the spread of the emerging Corona virus, and this new reality has created an unparalleled demand for delivery services.

With restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls not accessible, many resort to delivery services, amid questions about whether "delivery" is safer and does not in turn lead to the transmission of corona infection.

According to the "NBC" site, the delivery workers in the United States express great concerns about their infection with the virus, as they move towards a large number of homes and customers every day.

The site quoted delivery workers, without mentioning their names, for fear that they would lose their jobs if they talked about the problems in public, that many companies did not provide delivery workers with sterilizing hands, and they merely researched to wash hands with soap and water continuously.

But delivery workers do their work on the move, whether on motorbikes or in cars, and therefore, they need sterilization liquid.

Meanwhile, UPS, the delivery company, said it is providing respirators for people who place orders to health facilities or nursing homes.

But the concern is not limited to delivery workers alone, because customers in turn fear that the virus will pass them to them if they receive orders from abroad.

The ITER website reduces the risk of contracting the virus through food, explaining that restaurants are already bound by strict health procedures, even before the Corona virus is spread, and therefore, what is required of you is to know the restaurant you are requesting, meaning that you are aware of its quality and its respect for health standards.

Experts recommend avoiding contact as much as possible when receiving delivery orders. In order to observe these guidelines, electronic payment is recommended, and payment in cash should be avoided, unless necessary.

Recently, delivery companies announced a delivery service without interaction between the operator and the customer, "Contact free", while some buildings obliged those who request meals from abroad to receive them at the entrance to the building, so that the next worker from outside does not reach the door of the apartment.

After receiving, the experts recommend disposing the bags in which the food came, then washing and sterilizing the hands, due to the possibility of the virus passing through the surfaces that the delivery driver touched while bringing food.

Recently, delivery workers have received widespread acclaim, amid calls for their generous "tip" due to the effort they are making in providing people with what to buy, despite health conditions and a high risk of contracting the disease.

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