Dr.Abeer Almadawy announced

Owner and Chairman of the British Castle Journal Group for Press and Information that the group solidarity with China in its current crisis as its sovereignty sent a message to the Chinese people in which it said,

The friend at the time of adversity and the friend when the crisis

The friendly Chinese people are the one who we turn to with all love and pride in his current ordeal, with more solidarity with him, an ancient people and a great civilized nation that radiates the light of knowledge, culture and civilized human glory, and contributes to the modernization of human thought in human civilization, which leads us to bow to China a people and a land far from Respect and appreciation for his steadfastness in his current crisis, and we know that the Chinese nation is able to overcome it and get out safely.

Her Excellency stressed that what is happening is not a health crisis and a deadly virus that hits the nation of a billion, but rather it is a war with a challenge against all evil on earth and this ancient country that has long been marked by resilience, strength, firmness and determination for as long as it defeats all difficulties will survive its crisis.

She asked ?! When the tsunami struck East Asia and earthquakes, the countries of the world stood the world in support of these countries.

Her Excellency considered that striking the country with a deadly virus is no less dangerous than the earthquake and the flood, which requires standing strong with the good country and its people.

At the end of the message, Her Excellency called on the Chinese fans and Chinese and Egyptian friends to stand with China as a nation and wise leadership, and support the Chinese people with a culture of brotherhood and human solidarity, if only in one word.

And I'm with China ... and we're all behind China.

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