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By abandoning the duties of the royal family, Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle will not have to adhere to a number of protocols that have been imposed on them before.

The Business Insider website revealed the most prominent 10 royal protocols that the couple will get rid of, after they announced "giving up their duties as prominent members of the royal family in Britain and working for financial independence."

Dealing with audiences

The former etiquette and butler of Prince Charles, Grant Harold, confirmed to Business Insider that it was objectionable that members of the royal family touch their fans.

He said: "In addition to the aspect of royal decency, it is a great security risk if someone is able to get close to the point of being able to touch the members of the royal family."


When asked to sign to the masses, Charles is said to have replied, "I'm sorry, they don't let me do that," according to earlier reports.

Markle broke this royal law by signing a book for a little girl in 2018.

Megan Markle can return to acting, as she will not be obligated to stop work, because of giving up her duties as Duchess of Sussex.

Megan previously starred in the famous American series "Soots", before retiring from acting because of her affiliation with Prince Harry.

Not to represent the Queen

From now on, the Queen will not be required to represent Queen Elizabeth II on official royal occasions, inside and outside Britain, in the Commonwealth of Nations.

Baptizing the child

Harry and Meghan will no longer have to baptize their children in a royal way anymore, which is to cover the child with a special robe inherited from generations, using water from the Jordan River, which was applied in the baptism of their first son Archie.

Call by name

According to sources close to Harry and Meghan, the couple announced their happiness that people would start calling out to them with their first names, without using the phrase "His Royal Highness," the term previously imposed on everyone calling them from the public, journalists, or diplomats.

Overt love

Harry and Meghan can now show "feelings of love" to each other in public places, such as kissing or getting close to each other, which was previously unacceptable.

Complaints are permitted

By relinquishing their royal duties, the couple can now talk about the problems they face in any aspect of their lives for the press or the public, which was previously unacceptable.

Simple outfit

Megan Markle is expected to return to wearing "simpler" clothes in her daily life, after she committed to "royal" clothes chosen by specialists, during her tenure as Duchess of Sussex.

Harry's new look

Prince Harry has been spotted with the same black J-Crew jacket, which is worth $ 170, over and over again, due to the royal commitment.

Now, like his wife, Prince Harry will be able to abandon the strict royal dress code, especially since he will not attend many royal occasions that he was obliged to attend.

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