, Dr.Abeer al-Maadawi

Campaign Program

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Gentlemen and ladies attendance

Fellow journalists and media professionals

I welcome you to the World Campaign Press Conference and wish you a pleasant time between us

Let me make it clear that we are today in the era of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and in this particular day is indeed a historic day. To modern Egypt

Since the inauguration of President Sisi, he has been demanding the improvement of the media system in Egypt

Even in his most recent speeches, he called for the development of the Egyptian media. Different from the form and content of campaigns that are generally interested in populist media mobilization

If it is also one of our concerns and we are working to re-disseminate a diverse education culture

So let me give you an overview of the campaign program ...

The campaign provides a perspective for the media partners through a modern media model that puts it intellectually and practically.

The program is based on three

Stages; each stage will take 6 months

To complete the overall planning after a year and a half from now, this will require taking into account the plans of the state and cooperation with them

During the first phase we are launching now

January 2020 - June 2020 will depend on several steps:

Steps ... In order to achieve the objectives of the campaign mentioned earlier by Major General Dr. Fawzi Ramadan, they are as follows

Firstly ;

Research and scientific study to find out the reality of the media and the press now and to identify the places of imbalance media and journalists, and this will require the use of university professors faculties of media and the press and international expertise

The second step :

Presenting to the media and press partners inside and outside Egypt to use the latest international scientific programs related to the technology of audio-visual, print and electronic media, communication systems and technologies .... Good

The third step ;

Providing successful models globally from training centers and developing skills for journalists and media professionals around the republic and using all modern international press and media experiences.

The fourth step :

Establishing the structure of the media and the press

The establishment of a giant electronic portal and will be separated local media and national media and international media

This will also be in cooperation with the state institutions with which we will agree to allocate channels, newspapers, radio and local news sites within the borders of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the subsequent news, interests and issues dealt with

And the allocation of channels, newspapers, radio and international news sites outside the borders of the Arab Republic of Egypt shares the world with the most important news and issues

An open and expanded media mix is ​​no longer required under serious demand for specialized media of all kinds

And here will be the official national media to lead the march with us as it is the most acceptable and accommodating to modernize

Step 5

Establishing the transition to the era of smart cities media and journalist by communication technology and in cooperation with the relevant ministries and the formation of awareness of an Egyptian citizen coping with the stage


Through a tight development program, we will have the ability to respond to rumors, control media filtering and rehabilitate the Egyptian society with a culture of political awareness and a systematic awareness policy to cope with the new systems. The original without prejudice to its security system and the stability of the country and subject to scientific governance and the policy of the State aimed at the advancement of the citizen

On the other hand, it will facilitate joint cooperation with global media partners and contribute to the formation of a real awareness of the situation in Egypt and update the image of them will result in intellectual and cultural openness between peoples and achieve the goals of human progress on our beautiful planet, which has become a small village in which we share Life of news and information and our voice reaches some and concerted efforts to receive sophisticated systems of a unified global media soon and qualify us to preserve our identity and our affiliations and communities in return without overlap or conflict.

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