Ukrainian authorities have handed over to the Ukrainian consulate in Ljubljana the deputy head of the Ukrainian nationalist extremist party Iona-Onso, wanted in Russia and detained since yesterday.

Mazur, deputy head of the Ukrainian National Self-Defense Party of Ukraine, who was arrested by Polish security yesterday on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by the organization, said on Facebook on Sunday. Interpol, at the request of Russia when trying to cross into Poland, was handed over to the Ukrainian consulate in the city of Ljublana under the custody of the consul.

Denisova said Mazur would stay at the Ukrainian consulate during his case in court.

Prosecutors in the Polish city of Chelm were expected to hold their first hearing on Monday to look into Mazur's case and determine his future fate, including whether to extradite him or not to Russia for trial.

The Ukrainian official stressed that her country's authorities will work hard for the release of Mazur "so as not to become hostage to political revenge in Russia."

Polish law allows a detainee to be detained for up to three months during the case.

Mazur, known by his nickname "Topol", is wanted in Russia for his involvement in Chechen separatist operations against the Russian army in 1994-1995.

For her part, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Margogata Gusevskaya, expressed opposition to the extradition of the man to Moscow, and said that his arrest came "purely for the implementation of Poland's international obligations," describing him as "a brave Ukrainian civilian activist who fell victim to our eastern neighbors" and "warrior" The old took part in the wars in Donbass (the volatile region of southeastern Ukraine where the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics), Georgia and Chechnya are located. "

Gusevskaya has vowed to personally defend Mazur's "innocence".

No Russian officials have confirmed that Moscow has requested the extradition of Mazur.

Source: Agencies

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