Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe discussed the most important issue on the agenda of bilateral relations between Moscow and Tokyo, namely the conclusion of a peace agreement between the parties.

Speaking on Thursday with Abe at the East Economic Forum in Russia's far eastern city of Vladivostok, Putin expressed Moscow's firm determination to conclude a peace treaty with Tokyo, while noting that issues outside the agenda of bilateral relations between the

two countries hampered such efforts.

"There are military, defense and security issues in which we must take into account the positions of other countries and Japan's obligations to these countries, including the United States," the Russian president said.

Putin expressed fears that Washington might try to influence efforts to conclude a peace agreement between Russia and Japan, recalling in his talk about Washington's policies towards other countries, such as a famous American attributed to the head of the Mafia

Chicago Al Capone states: "Friendly talk is good, but Friendly talk with Smith & Wesson pistol is much more effective.

But despite these problems, Putin stressed that Russia will continue to seek a peace agreement with Japan, no matter how difficult this goal.

For his part, Abe stressed that the signing of a peace agreement between Japan and Russia is an urgent necessity can no longer delay, considering it a "historic task" in the efforts to create a new model of cooperation between the two countries today.

The Japanese prime minister called on the Russian president to make every effort in this way, telling him cordially: "Vladimir, let us do everything we can to move forward continuously unless we achieve this goal."

The Soviet Union, Russia and Japan have not reached a peace agreement since the end of World War II, and the root of the dispute between them is the question of the South Kuril islands. International law undoubtedly proves Russia's sovereignty over it.

For its part, Japan is demanding the return of the four islands, as a condition for the signing of a peace agreement, citing the bilateral treaty on trade and borders between them and the Russian Empire in 1855.

In November 2018, Putin and Abe agreed to speed up negotiations on a peace treaty based on the 1956 joint declaration that Moscow would consider the possibility of handing over the islands of Hambomai and Chikotan to the Japanese side after a peace deal.

Source: RIA Novosti

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