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   As Egypt today is celebrating with the opening of 2 mega projects in the administrative capital city, the first the opening of the Mosque" Alftah Alalem" the largest in the world, and the second is the opening of the Cathedral birth of the Christ , the biggest in the middle east at all, U.S. president Donald Trump praised Egypt and the president Abdul fattah Alsisi for expand egypt to hold more inclusive future, as he said in his twitter.

"Excited to see our friends in Egypt opening the biggest Cathedral in the Middle East. President El-Sisi is moving his country to a more inclusive future!"

Most of his followers asked him where's the biggest mosque in the united states, other said why you forget the opening of mosque as it is other biggest project ?

However Egypt is happy with the declaration of trump and his praises ,considering as a good point for more understanding the Egyptian vision who respect all the religions and care with the 2 Egyptian partners.

In a country has more 100 millions , more than 88 million of them are muslims and 12 are christians , egypt paid a great role in this file to equal between both partners in building the churches and mosques ,Though the number of Muslims are seven double the christians and they need more mosques so the principle to do an equalviation is not right , but according to the stress fall on Egypt and how the outers used this paper to indulge egypt in troubles and terrorism, It worked hardly to equal between the Muslims and a good model of understanding and saving this country with peace and respect.


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