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of course most of people around the world like to go to the oceans and seas to live  few hours with pure nature where they can swim, enjoy the fresh water, ride the waves and also sit down on beach to enjoy more with the fresh air.

After that ,peoples built up the glass boats  which are created to open the door for the lovers of the sea life and who want to take deep look inside…Then practicing the diving became a famous sport for any one who can swim,and like to take lessons to dive and live the mystery life of  the water.

But the human as usual wants the most of pleasure and enjoyment with more luxury facilities ,we found  kings , princess and rich men build their palace down under the sea…

The idea became available  to everyone ,specially for creators of world of travel and tourism…

They organized hotels and exhibitions under the sea water , people now have the chance to see ,touch and feel the  pleasure of the sea nature.

If you are one of who likes to experience something new and have brave heart to have a room in a hotel under sea water, now it easy to hire your room in one of the hotel worldwide.

Luckily, we live in the 21st century, and there are a small handful of real-life hotels that make it possible for guests to do all that and more. From partially submerged luxury suites to actual submarine stays, read on for the scoop on incredible underwater hotels where you can spend a night sleeping with the fishes, literally.

we suggest some places you can hire your place in it ;

 Night At The Shark Aquarium, Paris


Utter Inn, Vasteras, Sweden




Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Rangali Island, Maldives


Lovers Deep, Caribbean



The Manta Resort, Pemba, Zanzibar



Huvafen Fushi, North Malé Atoll, Maldives





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