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LONDON (Reuters) - British tourism firm Thomas Cook collapsed early on Monday after failing to secure funding, leaving tens of thousands of holidaymakers stranded abroad. The British government said that the return of 150 thousand British tourists, which was founded by the company 178 years ago traveled to tourist
A mural thought to be 3,800 years old has been revealed by archaeologists in Peru. The wall, unveiled on Monday, was found inside a public ceremonial building at the Vichama site, north of Lima. The complex carved scene depicts iconography including a human-like toad and representations of people. Dr
Pharaoh's Baths are a natural sauna in Ras Sidr, It is located 40 km from the city of Ras Sidr It consists of a group of 15 springs, from which hot water flows from a cave in the mountains near the shore in the form of a pool of
By Nashwa Shafei In a life coaching session, we were chatting about places we should visit before we hit the bucket. Although Taj Mahal in India, Stonehenge in U.K, Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA and Venice in Italy were among the list but The Pyramids was on top of the
Egypt has many beautiful natural places, as well as the only country in the world that contains one-third of the world's monuments .Over its soil there will be stylized Pharaonic monuments and Greek, Roman, Coptic and Islamic monuments in addition to the modern civilization represented by Egypt, which was
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