By: Nadeemy Haded Barcelona star Lionel Messi entered the Champions League history by scoring a goal against Borussia Dortmund during a group stage match. Messi contributed to Barca's 3-1 victory over Dortmund, scoring the second goal, becoming the first player in history to score against 34 different teams in
By: Nadeemy Haded Jose Mourinho scored a goal against Olympiacos to a collector to thank him for his contribution. At the start of the second half, when the result was a 2-1 lead, Tottenham got a touch-shot, and one of the holders rushed back the ball and gave it
Germany defender Matthias Guenther scored a special goal against Belarus in Saturday's Euro 2020 qualifier. Before the break, Serge Gnabry broke through the right-hand side of Belarus and sent a fine cross to defender Matthias Ginter. The defender in turn decided to exploit his difficult situation and send the
LONDON (Reuters) - Brazil captain Thiago Silva lashed out at Argentine star Lionel Messi on Sunday after the end of the Super Clasico between the two traditional rivals. Messi scored the only goal of the game 14 minutes after the start of the game, after receiving a penalty, he
Speaking with great confidence, Dickie Porthwick, who will celebrate his 84th birthday in November, speaks with confidence that he can play in the green rectangle for 90 minutes. In an interview with SportBible, Porthwick said: "I'm as hard as a rock, and I really love football." The 80-year-old is
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