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Recent data published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) revealed the list of the world's least-debt countries in terms of GDP.

The top 10 least-debt countries, Hong Kong, topped the list with 0 percent and Macao, the two administrative regions of the People's Republic of China.

Brunei came second with 2.6 percent of GDP, followed by Afghanistan with 6.9 percent.

In fourth place, Estonia with a debt of 7.6 percent, while Botswana ranked fifth with 12.8 percent debt.

Russia ranked sixth among the world's 10 least-debt countries with 13.8 percent of GDP.

The Democratic Republic of Congo was ranked seventh with 14 per cent debt, followed by Solomon Islands with 14.6 per cent.

While Azerbaijan ranked ninth in terms of debt by 17.6 percent, Kuwait ranked tenth among the least debt countries in the world by 17.8 percent, being the only Arab country in the list.

Source Sky News

Liverpool scored an important victory over Sheffield United at Bramal Lane with a 1-0 win, which was signed by Dutchman Giorgio Vinaldoum to help the Reds finish top of the Premier League in the seventh round of Premier League.

The impact of the match was a mistake by Sheffield goalkeeper Dean Henderson, who caused Liverpool to win the match and return to Anfield and has plenty of reassurance about his position at the top of the Premier League table.

Sheffield United was not one of the easy teams Liverpool could use to cross over and get match points, but rather organized in both defense and counter-attack.

Manchester City have struggled against newly promoted Norwich City, confirming that the big boys are being fooled by the prospects of the young for the current Premier League.

Sadio Mane lost a lot of chances to score so he could get out of Sheffield with a great result or relieve the pressure.

Manny missed two first-half chances and Liverpool could have come off the mark instead of waiting until the 70th minute to score, taking advantage of a goalkeeper and home defense.

A single mistake by Dean Henderson caused Liverpool to overtake Sheffield United as Jorginho Vinaldum hit the ball from the edge of the box once from Sheffield goalkeeper between his feet.

The mistake caused Sheffield to lose focus and put pressure on other players to seek compensation while working to prevent Liverpool from doubling the score.

The trio of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino did not manage to make the difference for Liverpool, while solutions came from midfield through the Dutch Veenwaldom, who scored the only goal of the game.

Liverpool seem to have a lot of luck to have some great players in the middle of the stadium, which helped to tip the Reds and get the game to safety and win points from a difficult stadium and a team with a lot of organization.



The ship Bourbon Rhode, whose crew included a group of Ukrainian citizens, disappeared during a storm in the Atlantic Ocean a few days ago.

Deputy Director of the Consular Services Department of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vasily Kirilich said today that his authorities learned of the incident on September 26.

He added that the ship disappeared when it was sailing near the island of Martinique (France) in the Caribbean Sea.

During the search and rescue operation, three people have been found so far, two of whom are citizens of Ukraine, and searches are continuing.

According to information available, 10 Ukrainians were aboard the missing ship carrying 14 people.

For its part, wrote Seafarers Journal, that the ship was heading to the city of "Georgetown" (Guyana) and coming from the Canary Islands, when hit by a strong cyclone.

Source: Linta Rowe

Sunday, 29 September 2019 18:44

British PM probed for "suspicious" friendship

London - The London Legislature has summoned Prime Minister Boris Johnson to testify as part of an investigation into suspicions of a conflict of interest over his close friendship with an American businesswoman.

The panel suspects that former US model and businesswoman Jennifer Arkory was financially benefiting from her relationship with Johnson when he served as mayor of London in 2008-2016.

The case surfaced after The Times published an article on September 22 saying that Arkory had received a total of £ 126,000 in 2013-2014 from Britain's budget in the form of government grants and membership in three official British trade delegations headed by Johnson.

The newspaper, citing its sources, that Johnson participated in the promotion of the activities of Arkuri, and attended for this purpose many of the concerts and events organized by.

The newspaper learned that Joseon was "periodically" visiting Arkory apartment in the eastern part of the capital London, and that the American, who was in her twenties, described Johnson as one of her best friends, participated in his campaign for the post of Secretary of State, and praised him on the platforms Social and defended him via "Twitter".

The newspaper considered that the story bears references to conflicts of interest, in contravention of the rules of conduct, which Johnson committed to being an official figure.

The London-based legislature gave Johnson two weeks to provide her with his schedule of meetings with Arkori and details of their relationship to respond to what she called "serious accusations," the BBC reported on Friday. "This cannot be hidden," she said in a letter to Johnson on September 23. "It's about the integrity of someone who is leading our country now." She believes Johnson "seems to believe he will be able to get away with it."

Johnson agreed to cooperate with the agency, adding: "But on this particular issue, I think they are going wrong."

Source: BBC + The Times

North Korea has questioned the possibility of a new summit with the United States because of the lack of progress in implementing the agreements reached, but praised the courage and wisdom of President Donald Trump.

 Northern media reported that the lack of progress cast doubt on the prospects for a summit between Trump and leader Kim Jong-un in the near future.

"This leads him to doubt the possibility of new progress in relations between the two countries," said North Korean Foreign Ministry adviser Kim Kye-gwan.

 According to Kim Kye-gwan, the idea of ​​a new summit between Trump and Kim is "very present these days in the United States."

 However, Pyongyang on Friday praised Trump as "wise" and "courageous," arguing that he was different from other Washington politicians with the "obsession" with North Korean nuclear disarmament.

 Source: Reuters





Justin Trudeau's rival Andrew Sher has promised a judicial inquiry if he wins over the role of the outgoing Canadian prime minister in a scandal over pressure on the judiciary.

 The Canadian ethics commissioner said in a report published on August 14 that Trudeau had broken the law on conflicts of interest by pressuring the former justice minister to avoid the prosecution of Cuban company SNC-Lavalan on corruption charges.

The case, which emerged in February, caused a resounding scandal in Canada that led to the resignation of two ministers and affected the image of Trudeau, who is being followed by a scandal denying him as a black man.

 Trudeau's liberals have retreated over the past months in opinion polls ahead of the October 21 legislative elections, before tying with conservatives at the end of the summer.

Liberal deputies, who form a majority in the House of Commons, have repeatedly rejected parliamentary debates on the issue. Trudeau also refused to lift the ministerial secrecy imposed on many members of his government, allowing them to avoid answering

questions from the Canadian Federal Police.

 Conservative candidate Andrew Sher promised to "end the process of withholding information at a historical level," stressing that "a new conservative government will launch a judicial inquiry into the corruption scandal involving Justin Trudeau."

Trudeau denied that he had made any mistake in the case, and confirmed that he had tried to protect the employees of the Quebec company, which number about 9 thousand people, since it was threatened with bankruptcy if convicted of corruption.

 Cher has revived the case, while Trudeau faces another scandal over his masquerading as a black man that is making headlines.

 Source: "AFP"

Saturday, 28 September 2019 16:08

Dollar falls against most currencies

 The dollar fell on Friday, dropping from a multi-week high against most major currencies as investors cautiously set up a new political turmoil in the United States and awaited the next step in trade negotiations with China.

 The US currency fell slightly against the safe-haven yen, which traded at $ 107.70 to the dollar, and fell from a two-week peak in morning trading in Asia, against the euro, to settle at around $ 1.0921.

 The US dollar fell against the Australian dollar and the New Zealand heavily affected trade, which rose slightly on hopes that the trade talks between the United States and China next month will result in progress.

The pound rose to $ 1.2330, after hitting a two-week low on Thursday, after the European Union's Brexit negotiator said Britain had yet to submit legal proposals and a process for a Brexit deal.

Markets are also digesting an investigation into US President Donald Trump's accountability.

The dollar index, which tracks the performance of the greenback against a basket of six currencies, is heading towards the best weekly performance in a month.

The index held near a 3-week high, Friday, at 99.146.

The Chinese yuan fell to 7.1327 to the dollar as weak domestic demand and trade war slashed profits of industrial companies.

The Australian dollar rose to $ 0.6758, but gains were limited as traders await the central bank's scheduled meeting next Tuesday, when the Reserve Bank of Australia is widely expected to cut interest rates.

Source Sky News

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