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The United States considered what it called Iran's lack of full cooperation with the IAEA unacceptable, stressing its readiness to negotiate with the Islamic Republic in time.

"Any indication that Iran is not providing sufficient cooperation to the IAEA on the possible existence of unregistered nuclear material or activities raises serious and profound questions," the United States said in a statement to participants at a quarterly meeting of the

UN's board of directors on Tuesday. .

"Iran's inability to address the IAEA's concerns on this issue is totally unacceptable and should raise deep concern among all supporters of the organization and its system of scrutiny of safeguards."

The United States, however, stressed that it was still ready to hold negotiations with Iran without any preconditions but in time.

Iran announced last Saturday the start of the third phase of the reduction of its obligations under the nuclear deal, in response to the withdrawal of the United States from it and "not to fulfill" the European side "promises" to mitigate the losses of the Iranian economy

due to US sanctions.

The United States accuses Iran of seeking to acquire nuclear weapons, and White House national security adviser John Bolton, a staunch supporter of the harsh approach to the Islamic Republic, claimed that the IAEA had told the IAEA board of directors that Iran was

hiding unauthorized nuclear material.

But the Acting Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Cornell Verota, declined after his visit to Tehran on Saturday, to confirm these allegations, pointing to the continuation of the process of assessment of the possibility of the Iranian authorities

conceal any unregistered nuclear material or activities.

Source: Agencies


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A change in Washington's policy on the Middle East issue has not changed, a senior administration official said on Monday, commenting on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to annex the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea.

"At the moment there are no changes in US policy," said Donald Trump, an official from the administration of President George W. Bush who told Reuters late Tuesday in response to a question on whether his government supported Netanyahu's plan.

The official added: "We will publish our vision of peace after the elections in Israel, and will try to determine the best way to ensure security, long-awaited, and opportunities and stability in the region."

At a press conference earlier in the day, Netanyahu announced that he would impose Israeli sovereignty on the Jordan Valley, the northern Dead Sea and a large number of settlements if he wins the upcoming elections, noting that this process will be conducted in coordination with the United States.

The announcement comes as the Trump administration, the largest international backer of Netanyahu's government, is preparing to unveil its plan to settle the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, known as the "deal of the century," which is due to be announced after the

elections in Israel.

Source: Reuters + Agencies


The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has announced an extraordinary meeting in Jeddah on Sunday to discuss the latest Israeli escalation.

"At the request of Saudi Arabia, the organization will hold an extraordinary meeting at the foreign ministers' level in Jeddah on Sunday to discuss the serious Israeli escalation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's intention to impose Israeli sovereignty over the

Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea," the group said in a statement. And settlements in the West Bank if re-elected. "

Netanyahu had announced his intention to annex the areas of the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea in the West Bank to Israeli sovereignty if he wins the next elections.

Source: Sputnik


For the first time, Swiss authorities have decided to withdraw their citizenship from a person accused of spreading propaganda for a terrorist organization and recruiting new militants.

The Swiss government agency for immigration said in a statement on Wednesday that it was entitled, by law, to withdraw nationality from someone who offended Switzerland's reputation on the international stage and endangered the country's security, including through terrorist and extremist activities.

According to the statement, a man with Swiss and other nationalities was not sentenced to several years in prison for propaganda activities and recruitment of new individuals for a banned terrorist organization.

The statement pointed out that the man was also stripped of all his rights as a citizen of a particular region and a certain municipality.

The statement also said the decision had not yet been implemented and could be appealed to the federal court.

Source: RIA Novosti

 Against the backdrop of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's announcement that he intends to annex parts of the West Bank, France has called on the Palestinian and Israeli sides not to take any action that could jeopardize the two-state solution.

"France calls on the parties to refrain from taking any actions that might jeopardize the two-state solution, which represents the only way to meet the legitimate aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Agnes van der Mol said in a statement published Wednesday.

"France is committed to the establishment of a Palestinian state living in peace and security alongside the State of Israel within the internationally recognized borders and where Jerusalem is the capital of both states," she said.

On Tuesday, the Israeli Prime Minister announced his intention to annex the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea in the territories of the West Bank occupied since 1967, in addition to a large number of Jewish settlements, in coordination with the United States, if he is re-elected in the next elections on September 17. In order to create an impenetrable security wall, he said.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas denounced the announcement, stressing that the PLO and the PNA would terminate all agreements with the Israeli government and all its obligations if the Israeli prime minister fulfills his promise.

Source: RT

Thursday, 05 September 2019 14:15

After barbs .. Trump: My hotels are the best


US President Donald Trump said he did not propose to Vice President Mike Pence to stay at a hotel during his official visit to Ireland, amid sharp criticism about this.

Asked by reporters after the controversy intensified recently, Trump said on Wednesday: "I never intervened in this, but it is a great place," adding that "Mike's way there is not my idea .. We have never talked about it."

"I have a lot of hotels in many places and people use them because they are the best," he said.

The media reported that Trump's deputy, Mike Pence, stayed at the Trump International Golf Link & Hotel in Donbeg on the east coast during his official visit to Ireland, sparking a new debate over the use of public funds.

The descent of ministers and members of the federal administration into Trump-owned hotels around the world has drawn frequent criticism.

Trump announced at the end of August that he intends to organize the next summit of the Group of Seven, which will be held in the United States, in one of his golf clubs in Doral near Miami in Florida, and considered it a "wonderful place", stressing that he did not

make any personal gains from that .

The remarks drew sharp criticism and led to a parliamentary inquiry.

Source: AFP

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe discussed the most important issue on the agenda of bilateral relations between Moscow and Tokyo, namely the conclusion of a peace agreement between the parties.

Speaking on Thursday with Abe at the East Economic Forum in Russia's far eastern city of Vladivostok, Putin expressed Moscow's firm determination to conclude a peace treaty with Tokyo, while noting that issues outside the agenda of bilateral relations between the

two countries hampered such efforts.

"There are military, defense and security issues in which we must take into account the positions of other countries and Japan's obligations to these countries, including the United States," the Russian president said.

Putin expressed fears that Washington might try to influence efforts to conclude a peace agreement between Russia and Japan, recalling in his talk about Washington's policies towards other countries, such as a famous American attributed to the head of the Mafia

Chicago Al Capone states: "Friendly talk is good, but Friendly talk with Smith & Wesson pistol is much more effective.

But despite these problems, Putin stressed that Russia will continue to seek a peace agreement with Japan, no matter how difficult this goal.

For his part, Abe stressed that the signing of a peace agreement between Japan and Russia is an urgent necessity can no longer delay, considering it a "historic task" in the efforts to create a new model of cooperation between the two countries today.

The Japanese prime minister called on the Russian president to make every effort in this way, telling him cordially: "Vladimir, let us do everything we can to move forward continuously unless we achieve this goal."

The Soviet Union, Russia and Japan have not reached a peace agreement since the end of World War II, and the root of the dispute between them is the question of the South Kuril islands. International law undoubtedly proves Russia's sovereignty over it.

For its part, Japan is demanding the return of the four islands, as a condition for the signing of a peace agreement, citing the bilateral treaty on trade and borders between them and the Russian Empire in 1855.

In November 2018, Putin and Abe agreed to speed up negotiations on a peace treaty based on the 1956 joint declaration that Moscow would consider the possibility of handing over the islands of Hambomai and Chikotan to the Japanese side after a peace deal.

Source: RIA Novosti

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