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Castle Journal - Nadeemy Haded

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced that Minister Sergei Lavrov will pay a working visit to Iraq on October 7-8.

Zakharova said during a press conference on Thursday: "During the visit, Lavrov will meet with the country's leadership in Baghdad, as well as with the leadership of the Kurdistan region of Iraq in Erbil."

During the visit, the two sides will exchange views on the pivotal aspects of the Middle East agenda, focusing on the situation in Iraq, Syria and the Gulf region. They will also discuss the situation surrounding Iran and the developments in the Palestinian territories.

Zakharova said special attention will be given to the development of cooperation in the fight against terrorism and the spread of religious extremism.

Source: Agencies

Google has agreed to pay nearly one billion euros as part of a settlement with French authorities over its tax evasion case.

The money includes a fine of 500 million euros and 465 million euros in late taxes from Google and its subsidiary, Google Ireland, the company said in a statement on Thursday.

The French National Finance Prosecution opened an investigation against Google in 2015, after receiving a complaint from the Finance Department in the region of "Ile de France" about the failure of "Google" tax return in the period 2011-2014.

Source: TASS

Saturday, 14 September 2019 13:39

Media bus hits Justin Trudeau's campaign plane

The Canadian election campaign is off to a flying start, even if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plane was grounded by a scraped wing.

A bus ferrying journalists collided with the wing of the Liberal party's chartered Boeing on Wednesday night.

Photos show a scrape where the coach roof hit the bottom of the wing of the aircraft at the airport in Victoria, British Columbia.

Mr Trudeau had launched the 40-day federal election campaign that day.

He flew his branded campaign plane across the country to the west coast where the mishap occurred.

The prime minister was not on the just-landed aircraft at the time of the prang.

"Maybe our bus driver should have chosen backward, not forward," quipped journalist Tonda MacCharles, playing on the Liberal campaign slogan of "choose forward".

A Liberal party spokesperson said an assessment is being made of the damage, but added there was no schedule change and the campaign would continue as planned.

The Liberal leader is due to fly on a separate plane to the neighbouring province of Alberta for rallies on Thursday afternoon.

The original plane was a Boeing 737-800, with a 189 seat capacity and a wing span of 34.3m (112ft). It was chartered from Montreal-based airline Air Transat.

The Liberal party says it is buying carbon offsets for the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the prime minister's flights.

British Columbia is expected to be a fierce battleground for multiple political parties, and the Liberals are fighting to hold on to their 17 seats there.

Mr Trudeau is seeking a second term in office after winning a majority government in the 2015 Canadian general election.

Both the Liberals and the Conservatives have campaign planes with the names of their leaders - Mr Trudeau and Andrew Scheer, respectively - emblazoned on the fuselage.

Mr Trudeau wasn't the only leader whose campaign faced transportation problems on the first day.

Mr Scheer's plane took off for a rally in the province of Quebec on Wednesday morning only to be diverted by fog.

Journalists and campaign staff were forced to travel by bus for more than an hour in order to reach the first event.

Canadians go to the polls on 21 October.



PARIS (Reuters) - The French capital Paris and its environs on Friday suffered massive public transport disruptions due to a general strike in the transport sector in protest at the government's project to reform the country's pension system.

According to Agence France-Presse that the widespread participation of subway staff in the strike led to the closure of 10 of the 16 metro lines in the entire capital, while one train out of three in four other lines and in crowded hours only, and not necessarily along the entire line .

This comes in conjunction with major strikes in the work of railways for regional trains, while only one in three buses in the capital.

The strike resulted in crowded sidewalks with pedestrians and the exit of "bicycle fleets" to the projects, as well as traffic jams stretching more than 280 kilometers, which is "unprecedented mobilization" in 12 years.

The strike was organized in response to calls by several unions for public transport to save their pension system, which is supposed to be abolished within the framework of the reform project supported by President Emmanuel Macron.

The reform project would end all special regulations that benefit some employees and employees of large public companies and some other professional sectors (such as sailors, Paris Opera staff, etc.) and impose a general point-based pension scheme.

The French government regards pension schemes as too expensive.A July report showed that the average retirement age in the capital's transport sector was 55.7 years in 2017, compared with 63 years for public order pensioners.


However, trade unions insist that this special system takes into account specific constraints and difficulties associated with their public service mission.

Source: AFP


France, Britain, Germany and Brussels have expressed "deep" concern over Iranian statements and actions that they said violate Tehran's nuclear deal obligations and called on them to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

"The IAEA has confirmed that Iran has installed or is installing advanced centrifuges at the Natanz nuclear facility. We are concerned about this activity," the four European powers said in a joint statement, the first after the IAEA submitted its report on Iran on Monday.

It called on Iran to abide by the nuclear deal and to retreat from its activities "which undermine its obligations under the agreement", as well as "refrain from any further steps" in the path of uranium enrichment.

The EU statement also called on Tehran to "cooperate with the IAEA on all relevant issues."

Source: Reuters

Canadian police on Friday arrested one of their top intelligence officials for stealing sensitive documents for a foreign country that may be China, Canadian media reported.

Detained Cameron Ortis is facing five counts under the Canadian Criminal Code and the National Security Data Protection Act, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in a statement.

Ortis was arrested Thursday in Ottawa, the national capital, where security and intelligence agencies are based, and on Friday he was formally referred to a judge, prosecutor John MacFarlane told the press.

He said Ortis should be brought to justice on Friday. He was placed in preventive detention until that date.

"The charges against him are to obtain, process and process sensitive information, with the intention of handing it over to persons who should not give it to them," he said.

"I can assure you that the authorities take this seriously," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is campaigning for a second term, told reporters at an election rally, without giving further details.

For his part, expressed his rival Conservative leader Andrew Sher "concern about the arrest of an intelligence element in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police leaked information about national security."

Sher, who is equal in opinion polls with the outgoing prime minister: "This is another reminder of the threats we face from foreign bodies."

According to Global Radio, which uncovered the case, the federal police feared that the agent had stolen "a great deal of information, which could put many investigations at risk."

Sources told the station it was a "serious espionage case," especially since Canada is a member of the "Five Eyes" intelligence alliance, which also includes Australia, New Zealand, Britain and the United States.

For his part, Radio Canada reported that Ortiz specializes in Southeast Asia and strategic infrastructure.

Bob Paulson, a senior national security adviser, was the former commander of the Royal Police who retired in June 2017.

On LinkedIn's social and professional website, a Cameron Ortis account indicates that he has been working for the Canadian government since 2007 after earning a doctorate in political science from the University of British Columbia, where he also earned a diploma in Internet System Management.

The account also indicates that the person knows the Mandarin language used in China, which is experiencing relations with Canada unprecedented diplomatic crisis.

Source: "AFP"


The government of Gibraltar said it was "difficult to ascertain" whether Tehran violated an agreement between the two countries on the shipment of the Iranian tanker "Adrian Daria-1" released last month.

 Gibraltar Prime Minister Fabian Picardo said on Friday, according to the British newspaper "Telegraph" that the satellite images available confirm that the ship eventually arrived in Syria, but that does not mean that Iran has broken its promises.

Picardo said: "There were no guarantees that this oil will not reach Syria, but the Iranian government has pledged that it will not sell oil to anyone on the list of sanctions on the European Union."

The tanker, which was then named "Grace One", was seized by Gibraltar and Britain in early July for allegedly transporting a shipment of oil to Syria in violation of European sanctions against the Damascus government.

Upon the release of the tanker on 18 August, the Gibraltar authorities announced that they had received assurances from Tehran that the tanker would not go to Syria, but the Iranian side denied that.

The tanker then flew to the Eastern Mediterranean and repeatedly changed its route. On September 2, it switched off its identification system off the coast of Syria.

Satellite images showing the tanker off the Syrian port of Tartous were published in the media, and the oil cargo is believed to have been transported to the coast by other smaller ships.

The Iranian government announced that it had sold oil to an unnamed private company, while Britain and the United States accuse Tehran of violating European and US sanctions and violating its promise.

Source: Telegraph

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