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The World Health Organization said that about 172 countries are cooperating with the "Kovacs" facility, which is designed to ensure equitable access to vaccines against "Covid-19".

The organization added that more funding is needed and countries must now make binding commitments.

The organization officials said that countries wishing to become part of the global "Kovacs" plan have until the date of August 31 to present an expression of their interest, with confirmation of their intention to join by September 18 and to submit the initial payments due by the ninth of October.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, said that the facility is important to end the "Covid-19" pandemic, adding that it will not only divide the risks among the group of countries that develop and buy vaccines, but also ensure that prices are kept "as low as possible."

He said in a press statement: "The introduction of national fanaticism to the vaccine helps the virus only ... the success of the" Kovacs "facility does not depend only on the countries that joined it, but also on filling the main funding gaps."

Tedros said: "In principle, when there is a limited supply of" Covid-19 "vaccines, it will be important to provide the vaccine to those around the world who are most at risk."

He added that among those workers in the health care sector on the frontlines of the pandemic, who were "extremely important to save lives and the stability of the health system in general."

The aim of the "Kovacs" initiative, which is jointly led by the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), the World Health Organization and the Alliance for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, is to ensure the fair global availability of "Covid-19" vaccines, once they are developed and authorized for use.

The initiative currently covers nine candidate vaccines for "Covid-19" and aims to secure supplies and deliver two billion doses to signatory countries by the end of 2021.

Source: Reuters

By:Nadeemy Haded


A group of protesters stormed, from Sunday night to Monday, the Circuit Court in the US city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, during disturbances that followed a new incident of police shooting a black man.

The local newspaper "Kenosha News" stated that "the seat of the court will be closed on Monday to the public due to the damage that was caused to the building during the public disturbances" in the city.

The newspaper reported that "the demonstrators stormed the court headquarters on Sunday evening and set fire to several cars outside the building."

The local authorities announced a curfew until 07:00 due to the protests and riots in Kenosha, after the 29-year-old African-American Jacob Blake was shot in the back by police officers on Sunday, and he was taken to hospital in critical condition.

"ABC" channel quoted a friend of Blake as saying that the accident occurred while he was trying to separate two women after a quarrel broke out between them, adding that he was not carrying any weapons.

Commenting on these developments, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers said, "This is not the first time when a black American has been injured or killed as a result of the actions of security forces."

The United States has recently witnessed widespread protests and riots sparked by the killing of the brown citizen, George Floyd, by members of the Minneapolis police during his detention on May 25.

Demonstrations against racism and violence by the security forces spread to dozens of American cities, amid sharp differences between the administration of US President Donald Trump, and democratic governors and mayors over how to deal with the protests, which later spread to many Western countries.

Source: "Kenosha News" + agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded

Sunday, 16 August 2020 20:09

Tears of birds, reptiles and humans


A new scientific study claims that “tears of birds and reptiles have a similar chemical composition to that of humans; a finding that may help scientists develop eyes treatment.”

On account of a new study, which found that birds and reptiles have the same chemical composition of humans, better eyes treatment could be developed. To conduct their new study, researchers from the Fedral University of Bahia (Brazil) contrasted the composition of the birds and reptiles’ tears in addition to their structural patterns when they dry out. To add new dimensions to their study, these researchers also examined birds and reptiles’ tears, which were not examined before, thus adding to the short list of mammals including humans, dogs, horses, camels, and monkeys.

Tears are important and play a vital role in keeping eyesight in a good condition across species. The team added: “although the tears were chemically similar, but they differ in their core structure.”

The team also clarified that the difference between the tears core structures is used to reveal different types of eye diseases and hence the best ways to develop treatments.

Professor Arianne P Oria, who started this study, point out that in order to understand how tears evolve, there should be a prior understanding of how they could sustain a steady, quite constant internal environment under different circumstances.

According to Oria this understanding is crucial for “the discovery of new molecules for ophthalmic drugs”.

In essence, tears are clear liquid hidden in the lacrimal glands found in the mammals’ eyes.

However, despite the importance of the tears in sustaining healthy eyesight, only few mammals’ tears have been subjected to study.

In order to conduct their new study, the team of researchers studied the liquid components of seven captive species of birds and reptiles.

These included macaws, hawks, owls, turquoise-fronted amazon (a type of parrot), as well as tortoises, caimans (a type of crocodile) and sea turtles.

In contrast, samples of tears were also collected from ten healthy human volunteers.

The results of the collected samples revealed the existence of similar amounts of electrolytes, such as sodium and chloride, although there were slightly higher concentrations in bird and reptile tears.

The researchers also examined the crystals that molded when the tear fluid dried out and they found some different structures form from different species tears.

The results also showed some differences in the arrangement of tear crystals between wild species and humans in spite of fact that all species had a similar tear composition.

What made the sea turtle and caiman samples more distinguished is the uniqueness of their tear crystals, which seem to be a result of an adaptation to their aquatic environment.

In contrast, human tears had thicker crystals as a result to changes brought by the increased presence of mucus or macromolecules, the team wrote.

Professor Oria pointed out that “although birds and reptiles have different structures that are responsible for tear production, some components of this fluid (electrolytes) are present at similar concentrations as what is found in humans”.

He also went on saying: “But the crystal structures are organised in different ways so that they guarantee the eyes' health and an equilibrium with the various environments”.

However, the team clarified that there is still a need for further studies with a wider range of species to understand more about the role of tears.

Professor Oria said: “This knowledge helps in the understanding of the evolution and adaption of these species, as well as in their conservation”.

This research was published in the journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science.

Source: Mail Online:

BY … Maiada Mosad


Igor Licinia, Ambassador of Belarus to Slovakia, announced his support for those who went out to participate in the peaceful event in his homeland.

The ambassador said in a video message, posted on the "Telegram" channel, "Nasha Niva": "I stand in solidarity with those who took to the city streets in peaceful processions so that their voices could be heard."

The ambassador noted that he was "shocked by the stories of torture and beatings that Belarus citizens are subjected to."

He urged the authorities to take into account the positions of all sectors of society and representatives of the various political forces.

These statements come at a time when Belarus is going through a wave of social unrest and widespread opposition demonstrations, against the background of the announcement of the Lukashenko investigation, which has been leading the country since 1994, a landslide victory in the presidential elections that were held earlier this month.

Source: TASS

By:Nadeemy Haded


The authorities in Mauritius announced that the condition of the Japanese cargo ship, which crashed into a coral reef last month, deteriorated early Saturday morning and broke apart, threatening a marine environmental disaster.

The National Crisis Committee in Mauritius confirmed today, Sunday, that the condition of the "MV Wakachio" deteriorated early Saturday morning and broke apart by the afternoon.

"Reuters" agency quoted the president of the Association for the Preservation of Marine Life in Mauritius, Jacqueline Sozer, that some oil residue leaked from the ship into the ocean on Friday.

Authorities have deployed barriers to help absorb oil around the ship.

The Mauritian government said on Thursday that most of the oil had been withdrawn from the ship, but 166 tons of fuel oil remained in it and authorities were working to remove it.

Japanese Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi has said that Tokyo intends to send a team of Environment Ministry officials and specialists to assess the damage.

The ship hit a coral reef on July 25, which led to the spill of about a thousand tons of fuel oil and endangered coral reefs, fish and other marine life, in what some scientists described as the worst environmental disaster in Mauritius.

Scientists say the full impact of the leak has yet to be seen, but the damage could affect Mauritius and its tourism-dependent economy for decades.

Source: Reuters

By:Nadeemy Haded


American singer and producer Taylor Swift strongly criticized US President Donald Trump for his unwillingness to finance the country's postal service, and accused him of trying to manipulate the upcoming presidential elections.

In a tweet on "Twitter," the well-known singer said, "Trump is trying to manipulate the presidential election through" the deliberate dismantling of the USPS (United States Postal Service).

"The dismantling of the postal service planned by Trump clearly proves one thing: he knows very well that we do not want him to be our president. He chose outrageous deception and put millions of Americans' lives at risk in an attempt to stay in power," the singer added.

The singer accused the current US president of "ineffective leadership" and of causing a dangerous exacerbation of "the crisis we are in."

Earlier, Trump refused to provide funding for the US Postal Service, for fear that this money would be used to speed up voting by mail, which he strongly opposes, due to the ambiguity of this procedure and the length of the balloting procedures. According to the US President, due to the possible violations of this method, the upcoming elections in November may become the most deceptive in history.

Source: Linta Rowe

By:Nadeemy Haded


Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov commented, in a tweet on "Twitter", on the failure of the United States in the UN Security Council, on the issue of extending the arms embargo on Iran.

"The United States found itself, once again in humiliating isolation: its draft resolution that it submitted to the UN Security Council regarding an indefinite embargo on arms supplies to Iran has failed," Bushkov said.

In Bushkov's opinion, this is a heavy blow to the prestige and prestige of the United States.

The senator concluded that confronting the actions of the United States is increasing "from Venezuela to Germany, as the United States is trying to prevent the completion of the Northern Torrent-2 project."

For his part, Vasily Nebenzia, the permanent representative of Russia to the United Nations, said that Russia voted in the UN Security Council against the draft resolution proposed by the United States, because it constantly opposes attempts to impose such restrictions on Tehran.

On Friday, the US decision to extend the arms embargo imposed on Iran did not win the support of the UN Security Council. Only the United States and the Dominican Republic supported the draft resolution, Russia and China voted against it, and the remaining 11 UN Security Council members abstained.

According to US National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien, Washington is "defeated," but "this is not the end."

Source: Novosti

By:Nadeemy Haded

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