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By: Nadeemy Haded

Russian media quoted the head of research department of the "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" company, deputy chief designer of the Russian-Chinese "CR 929", Alexander Dolotovsky, as saying that the manufacture of civil aircraft with a single-pilot cockpit is possible.

In an interview with "Gorizenti" magazine, Dolotovsky said that Russia is working on the concept of "a single pilot cockpit", in addition to carrying out flights in a fully automatic system, while the pilot devotes himself to other tasks.

According to "Sputnik", Russia and China plan to implement plans to build the plane by 2025-2027.

According to the two partners, the new plane, which accommodates 250-300 passengers, will compete with the aircraft of other global airlines, European Airbus and American Boeing.

The cost of the program is currently estimated at 13-20 billion dollars, noting that the first flight of the plane is expected to be in 2025.

The civil aviation industry in Russia is witnessing a major development, and a new Russian "MС-21-300" aircraft had carried out, on Wednesday, its first flight from the runway of the "Irkutsk" aircraft factory, for testing.

This aircraft is designed to compete with the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320A, and can accommodate between 150 and 211 passengers as requested by the buyer. It adopts the latest air engineering technology and is equipped with the latest engines and navigation devices.

Source Sky News


By:Nadeemy Haded

The Netherlands is preparing to drop the title it has always known, at least among Arabs and in the Arab press, which is "Holland", but it will retain its official name in the year 2020.

Although many know the European country northwest of the old continent as "Netherlands", the official name for it is "lowlands" or Netherlands.

And the country will officially drop the name "Netherlands" as of next January, from all publications and marketing materials, and therefore the country will be referred to by its official name only.

The country has allocated $ 320,000 to the campaign to update the country's image globally, and the campaign includes targeting tourists who visit the country every year, where a logo will be revealed for an orange lily, the national flower of the Netherlands, with the first two letters of the two syllables that make up the name The official state (NL) is lowland, according to the Sydney Morning Herald report.

The decision and its implementation comes before the country hosts the European song contest and participation in the Olympic Games scheduled in the Japanese capital Tokyo in the year 2020, according to the British newspaper "The Independent".

The Kingdom of the Lowlands had begun to use the title Netherlands 25 years ago, but now it wants to present its trade, science, science and policy to the world under the official name of the state, and not in the name of two provinces in the kingdom of 12 provinces, the North Holland, which includes the cities of Amsterdam and Harlem, and the Netherlands Southern, which includes the cities of The Hague, Rotterdam and Leiden.

Source Sky News


By: Nadeemy Haded

The Swiss president said that the "Libra" project, which is being adopted by Facebook, has failed in its current form, and it must be modified in order for it to be approved.

"I don't think Libra has an opportunity in its current form, because central banks will not accept the basket of currencies that support it," said Olli Maurer, who is also Switzerland's finance minister as well as being its president, speaking to the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation.

"The project, in its current form, has failed," Maurer said in an interview, Reuters reported.

Facebook-led digital currency plans, to be issued and organized by the Geneva-based Libera Foundation, have raised concerns among regulators and politicians regarding aspects such as privacy and their potential impact on monetary policies and changing the global financial landscape.

Project managers, including one of Facebook's creators, David Marcus, say organizational hindrances may delay the launch beyond the planned June date.

The cryptocurrency will be backed by an asset reserve such as bank deposits and government debt held by a network of trustees.

This structure aims to enhance confidence and avoid price fluctuations experienced by other cryptocurrencies.

Source: Agencies


By: Nadeemy Haded

Two people were killed and 6 wounded in a shootout in the American city of Houston, today, Saturday.

The county sheriff, Harris Ed Gonzales, said that unknown assailants opened fire while a group of young people were filming a short video.

He added that preliminary information indicates that two people were killed and several wounded.

Earlier today, one person was killed in an accident similar to a shooting incident inside a shopping mall, in a suburb of Denver in the city of Aurora, Colorado, USA.

Source: Agencies

By: Nadeemy Haded

Hawaii has found the bodies of six people killed in a helicopter crash that disappeared from the radar, on Thursday, Hawaiian local authorities said Saturday.

"We can confirm that there were seven people on board a helicopter and we found six bodies ... There is no evidence that there may be survivors," said an official at the Hawaii Island Fire Department of Kauai.

The news was announced at a press conference nearly 24 hours after the crash, which authorities announced lost on Thursday evening, in a remote terrain with rough terrain as the end of a tour near the famous coast of Na Bali in Hawaii nears.

National Transportation Safety Board records indicate that the accident was at least the ninth of Hawaiian tourism helicopter accidents in the past five years, which is by far the worst.

The confirmed list of those on board during the fateful flight included six passengers, including two children, as well as the pilot, according to Solomon Kanuo, head of the Kauai Provincial Fire Brigade.

Kanuoho added that the fire department in Kauai halted search and recovery efforts Friday afternoon due to fog and low visibility, but plans to resume the operation with the dawn of Saturday.

The cause of the crash was not yet known, but Kanuhu said the crash site had witnessed "very bad weather conditions" before the accident, adding that the helicopter had crashed in an area along its designated path.

Source: Agencies

By: Nadeemy Haded

The dean of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Patrick Joffe, has revealed that the chances of the collapse of the historic building dating back to the 12th century and suffered earlier this year a fire of up to 50%.

In an interview published yesterday, Joffe explained, "The Associated Press" that although the stone structure of the building is still fixed, the danger today is that the scaffolding that was erected at the back of the cathedral could collapse during its restoration work prior to the fire, which threatens to collapse parts. Great building.

The Dean of Notre Dame indicated that the removal of these scaffolding, consisting of about 50 thousand tubes, would allow the building to be secured, and this is the task from which the year 2021 is expected to launch large-scale restoration work for one of the most prominent symbols of the French capital.

After that, the cathedral restoration authorities will have to assess the condition of the building and find the stone components that must be replaced.

According to the best expectations, Joffe stressed that the cathedral will not open its doors to tourists and worshipers until after at least three years, but that the complete restoration will take longer, as experts question the President, Emmanuel Macron, plans to finish the restoration work before 2024.

No Christmas mass was held in Notre Dame this year, for the first time since the French Revolution in the late 18th century.

Source: Associated Press


The Philippine authorities announced, on Thursday, that Hurricane "Fanfon" hit remote villages and popular tourist areas in the middle of the country on Christmas Day, killing at least 16 people.

The wind reached a speed of 195 kilometers per hour, tearing down the roofs of houses and uprooting electricity poles in several regions of the Philippines, Wednesday.

As the Internet and telephone communications continue to be severely disrupted, Thursday's authorities could not immediately assess the damage caused by the hurricane.

But the Disaster Agency authorities confirmed the death of at least 16 people, in villages and towns in the central Visayas region.

"Fanfon" also hit Boracay and Coron, and other areas famous for the sandy white beaches that tourists go to spend their holidays.

The Kalibo airport serving Boracay was also badly damaged, according to a South Korean tourist who was stuck there and managed to send some pictures to "AFP".

"The roads are still blocked, but efforts have been made to remove the debris. It is very bad. It seems like 100 meters away from the airport is ruined. There are a lot of people frustrated at the airport because of the cancellation of flights," Jong Byung said on Instagram. ".

He continued: "Taxis work but the wind is strong and it is still raining, so no one wants to leave the airport, including me."

Although noticeably less powerful, Fanfon is on a similar path to Typhoon Haiyan, which is still considered the most powerful and bloody in the history of the Philippines, leaving thousands of dead and missing.

"He's like Hayyan's younger brother, who is less destructive but follows a similar path," Cindy Ferrer, media officer of the disaster department in the West Visayas region, told AFP.

Hurricane Fanfon caused millions of people a miserable birthday, with thousands heading to shelters in the predominantly Catholic archipelago.

Source Sky News

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