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A spokesman for British Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, confirmed that the book, which is expected to be published in August, and deals with their lives within the royal family, is based on the experiences of the authors only, and that the couple was not interviewed when writing.

A spokesman for the couple stated in a statement: "There were no meetings with Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, nor did they contribute to the book" Finding Freedom. "

He added: "The book is based on the authors' own experiences as members of the press team covering the royal family's news and on their independent press coverage."

The book, authored by journalist Caroline Dorand and journalist Omid Scobey, who covers the royal family, is expected to detail in detail how the couple felt that the royal establishment had failed to support them, according to the British newspaper, The Telegraph.

The Times cited quotes from the book indicating quarrels between family members, as Harry believed that some of his relatives did not like Megan and that others felt that the couple's popularity should be "curbed."

The newspaper said Megan described the criticism of the press as "death by a thousand wounds," according to Reuters news agency.

According to the "Telegraph", the book presents Harry and Megan as the forces of change who have the power to modernize property, but are discouraged by the "gray uniforms" and media coverage of their private lives.

The couple and their 14-month-old son Archie are now living in Los Angeles after relinquishing their royal roles in March.

Harry married former actress Megan in May 2018 in an event that was said at the time that he had given the royal family the sparkle of Hollywood and an atmosphere of modernity, and made the couple one of the most famous duets in the world.

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By:Nadeemy Haded


The company "Twitter" revealed the details of the breach, which it was exposed to, stressing that the hackers launched a coordinated attack, targeting employees who have access to the system and its tools.

The company reported that unknown hackers carried out on Wednesday a coordinated penetration of accounts called the microblogging service, using the ability of a number of employees of this American company to access their internal systems.

The company’s support service said: “We have recorded a coordinated attack from individuals who have chosen some of our employees who have access to internal systems and tools as their targets,” noting that hackers have used that access in order to control the accounts of well-known individuals and companies and spread messages on behalf of their owners.

The company confirmed that it immediately blocked these accounts and canceled the tweets sent by the pirates, and also, as a precaution, restricted the functions of many other accounts in order to better understand what is going on, and it is working to reveal what could attack the attackers as well.

And Twitter announced earlier that it had blocked all trusted accounts from Twitter, or changed the password until the hacker was exposed.

Hackers have succeeded in the process of massive piracy by posting ads through these famous accounts calling for sending money in digital "Bitcoin" coin and tempting to double it.

In an innovative way of psychological stress, fake tweets required followers to send money in Bitcoin within 30 minutes to get twice what they sent.

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By:Nadeemy Haded


The Yonhap News Agency said that the South Korean public prosecutor is looking into the possibility of opening a criminal case against Kim Yoo Jung, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

"South Korean lawyer Lee Kyung-jae filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor's Office on July 8, accusing Kim Yu-jung of unlawfully demolishing the inter-Korean liaison office building. He hopes, by doing this, to draw the public's attention to a case," the agency said. Relations between Seoul and Pyongyang, which deteriorated sharply in June this year. "

"It is likely that the public prosecutor will refuse to open a criminal case against Kim Yoo Jung, who is the first vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of North Korea, because it is impossible to collect evidence. Even if a South Korean court issues a ruling condemning Kim," the agency said. Yoo Jung, it will be impossible to apply it to her. "

South Korean law punishes intentional destruction of others' property with a heavy fine and imprisonment for up to ten years.

Source: Tass

By:Nadeemy Haded


The Foreign Ministries of Armenia and Azerbaijan announced the readiness of the two countries to start negotiations on the Karabakh issue.

A statement issued by the alternate heads of the Minsk Group of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said, "The alternate heads of the Minsk Group welcome the confirmation of the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan, to hold detailed negotiations on the most important aspects of the settlement of the Karabakh problem, as soon as possible."

It was also decided to redeploy OSCE monitors to the region, when conditions permit.

On July 12, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense announced that Armenian army units attacked Azerbaijani positions in the border area of ​​Tuvuz, using artillery.

For its part, the Armenian Ministry of Defense held the Azerbaijani side responsible for the recent escalation, saying that a group of Azerbaijani soldiers tried to storm Armenian army positions in the border area.


By:Nadeemy Haded


Oklahoma State Electoral Commission, Kanye West, has been registered as a candidate for the November presidential election.

On July 15, the deadline for submitting the documents required to register as an independent candidate was in Oklahoma. West was able to submit the required documents and pay the registration fee of $ 35,000, according to the No. 1 Candidate Form, which was published on the website of the US Federal Election Commission.

The model states that West would not stand for election to the Kanye 2020 commission in Oklahoma. In the clause of the party to which he belongs, he referred to BDY Party (Birthday Party, which can be translated as the birthday party, as well as "birthday party").

For its part, TMZ stated that West has not yet submitted Form No. 2, the most important of which is to collect or spend more than $ 5,000 on the election campaign, as without this document, West will not be able to obtain the status of the candidate according to the campaign financing law Federal.

The American rapper, a supporter of President Donald Trump, has announced his candidacy in the 2020 presidential election in defiance of Trump and his presumed Democratic rival Joe Biden.

But it is still not yet clear whether West will actually participate in the presidential race, and on Wednesday, Intelligencer (an attachment to "New York") reported that West retracted its presidential candidacy plans.

Meanwhile, TMZ announced last week that the reason West announced its willingness to compete in the elections was due to an exacerbation of a neurological disease, which the singer has suffered for a long time.

Source: Tass

By:Nadeemy Haded


The Polish Foreign Ministry viewed the prank Russian prank Vovan (Vladimir Kuznetsov) with Polish President Anji Doda as a media misinformation on the part of the Russian authorities.

Fofan had contacted the Polish President, impersonating the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, and congratulated him on the occasion of his re-election.

"We consider this behavior as a delusional act by Russia, and its purpose may be to spread the dispute between Poland and Ukraine. This is illustrated by the questions asked," Polish Foreign Minister Yatsik Chabotovic told Polish radio station Thursday.

During the 11-minute conversation, which was posted on YouTube, Doda discussed with Kuznetsov (Vovan), in particular, the fate of the statues of Red Army soldiers in Poland, differences in views on history with Russia, and relations with Ukraine.

Source: Interfax

By:Nadeemy Haded

On Thursday, International Monetary Fund Director Kristalina Georgieva called on the world to ensure "a lasting and just recovery", as the crisis triggered by the Covid-19 epidemic entered a new stage, she described.

Georgiyeva stressed that the world "has not overcome" the Corona crisis yet, calling on countries to continue spending public money to stimulate the economy.

In an article on a blog published a few days before a hypothetical meeting of the Group of Twenty, the International Monetary Fund Manager listed the priorities that countries should focus on, such as maintaining social protection measures "if not expanding them," and stressed the need to take advantage of "an opportunity that is available only once One in a century is "rebuilding a world" that is more fair, environmentally friendly, sustainable, intelligent and "more resilient."

She added that even with the emergence of some positive indicators, we "have not yet overcome the crisis", warning that "a second global wave of the disease could cause new disturbances in economic activity," according to "AFP".

She spoke of "other risks that include the distorted value of assets, volatile commodity prices and increasing protectionism", but at the same time she pointed out "decisive progress in the search for vaccines and treatments that can stimulate confidence and economic activity".

The economist admitted that "these alternative scenarios signify the uncertainty that remains so high that it is exceptional."

The International Monetary Fund expected for the year 2020 a global contraction of 4.9 percent, and this percentage is worse than 3 percent and it was mentioned in its estimates issued in April, the height of the spread of the new Corona virus, and he said that it is the worst crisis the world has witnessed since the Great Depression in the thirties of the last century.

The fund warned on June 24 that "this crisis is not like any other," noting that it is more severe than expected, and the recovery will also be slower.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

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