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By:Nadeemy Haded

A French hospital discovered the case of the Corona virus, dating back to late December 2019, almost a month before the first confirmed case of the virus was announced in France, which means that the virus began spreading to Europe a month before the outbreak.

The French hospital said it had retested old samples of pneumonia patients and found to have treated a man infected with the new Coronavirus, which caused the Covid-19 epidemic, early December 27, nearly a month before the French government confirmed the first cases of the virus on its soil.

The head of recovery in the hospitals of "Ibn Sina" and "Jean Verdier" in the northern suburbs of Paris, Dr. Yves Cohen, told the French news channel "BFM" that the scientists re-tested samples of 24 patients treated in December and January who had been diagnosed with influenza.

"Among the twenty-four patients, we had a person whose results were positive for the new corona virus on December 27," he told the news channel, Sunday.

He explained that samples were collected initially to detect influenza using the "BCR" tests, which is the same genetic examination process that can also be used to detect the presence of the Corona virus, and that each sample was re-tested several times to ensure that there are no errors.

Cohen indicated that knowing who was the first patient or the first case, was crucial to understanding how the virus spread, and went on to say that the patient survived and recovered from the virus, and that an investigation was conducted to track "the first infection", noting that "he was ill for 15 days and infected his two children , But not his wife who works in a supermarket. "

He continued: "It was amazing. He did not understand how he was injured. We collected the puzzle together and did not make any foreign trips. The only contact that was between him and his wife," adding that the man's wife works alongside a small sushi restaurant near their colleagues of origin. Chinese.

He stressed that it was not clear whether these colleagues had traveled to China, and that local health authorities should investigate.

"He may be the patient zero, but there may be others in other areas. The tests, especially the negative for pneumonia, must be repeated again. Maybe the virus was circulating at that time," he concluded.

It is noteworthy that in France more than 25 thousand people died of the virus since March 1, out of about 170 thousand cases as of Tuesday morning, according to the British Guardian newspaper reported.

France confirmed the first three cases of the new Coronavirus on January 24, including two patients in Paris and one in Bordeaux.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

Years after the "racist incident" between former Manchester United player Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez, who was playing for Liverpool at the time, Evra revealed what happened at Anfield in October 2011.

The former United player confirmed that he forgave Suarez, and that he had not and will not accuse him of racism, as he revealed a conversation between them inside the tunnel leading to the field before the match between Juventus and Barcelona in the Champions League final in 2015.

In a new episode of UTD Podcast, Evra explained that it was difficult to show restraint at the time of the incident, after which the Uruguayan striker was suspended for eight matches.

Evra said: "I think people don't know what happened behind the scenes. We were playing a game against Liverpool at Anfield, and I was assigned to watch him on one of the corner kicks. He told me in Spanish: Don't touch me. I'm not talking to a black person. Maybe he didn't know I understood Spanish And I asked him what he meant by his words, so he told me: Yes, I am not talking to a black person. "

And Evra continued: "At that time, the referee (Andrei Mariner) came to us to inquire about what was happening between us. He noticed a change in my facial expressions, and asked me if I was fine. I told him that he directed me to racist terms, and he said: Well, we will talk after the match ends. Complete the game. Now do not commit any foolish behavior, "according to Manchester United.

Evra explained: "After the match, I was very angry and noticed that Sir Alex Ferguson, and came to ask about what happened, so David de Gea said to him that Suarez addressed to me racist words and that he heard it himself. Soon after, we went to the referee and told him what happened, and the next day "I was surprised that my name made headlines. I did not know that it would reach the press, so I thought that the ruling alone would know what really happened."

Evra explained that "after the press reported the incident, Manchester received many threatening letters to me, and some wrote about it: We encourage Liverpool, but we are prisoners now. When we go out, we will kill you and your family."

Evra indicated that "a special guard was appointed to me for two months, and the fanatics of Liverpool fans slept in front of my house. It was a difficult period, but I was not afraid, unlike my wife and brother. I did not understand why these people hated me so much despite not really knowing What happened on the field. "

After the accident, the FA investigated the incident and punished Suarez in December with a suspension of eight games, in addition to a fine of 40,000 pounds.

Evra noted that he received an email from the Liverpool president apologizing for what happened 9 years ago, adding, "He told me that he would welcome me to Liverpool if I needed anything. I was very impressed with the new club's position, and that it happens years after the incident is better than not happening Absolutely".

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By:Nadeemy Haded

New Zealand announced on Tuesday that it has not recorded any new cases of the emerging coronavirus for the second day in a row.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the outcome of her discussions with Australia regarding the establishment of a travel corridor between the two countries would be announced later today.

Ardern participated via video to the Australian government meeting on Corona on Tuesday as the two countries discussed re-opening their borders to travel after they succeeded in containing the disease.

The virus death rate in the two countries does not exceed one percent, and New Zealand and Australia have strengthened their stocks of medical supplies while they intend to reopen the economy little by little, including resuming travel across the Tasman Sea without mandatory quarantine.

Australia recorded about 6,800 Corona Virus infections and 96 deaths, while New Zealand recorded 1137 cases and 20 deaths.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

Anthony Fawcci, director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, opposed US President Donald Trump's statements about the origin and source of the new Coronavirus, saying there was "no evidence" that the virus came from a Chinese laboratory, and also dismissed Trump's claim that the deadly virus "will disappear."

In an interview with "National Geographic" published Monday, Anthony Fauchi confirmed that all evidence indicates that the new Corona virus, which caused the Covid-19 epidemic, was "not manufactured in a laboratory in China", and was not exited from virus laboratories in Wuhan, China.

"If you look at the evolution of the virus in bats and what is now there, scientific evidence tends very strongly towards that, and it could not be manipulated artificially or intentionally. Everything strongly indicates the evolution of this virus in nature and then its transmission into (animal) types," Fauchi said. Other ".

He added that, based on scientific evidence, he also does not believe in another alternative theory that someone discovered the new Corona virus in the wild, brought it to the laboratory, and then accidentally spilled, the British "The Sun" reported.

Fauchi expressed concern that the United States would have to undergo a new test in the fall and winter with a "second wave of Covid-19" if the country did not reduce its incidence by summer.

He added, "Shame on us if we do not have enough tests by the time when the so-called return (second wave) may happen in the fall and winter," noting that the United States needs to make sure that it does not have enough available tests before Not only does the second wave hit, but it also has a system to deliver those tests to the people who need them most.

During the interview, Fauchi also rejected Trump's "hope" that the virus would "miraculously" vanish, as the US president had repeatedly said that the virus would "disappear" during his daily briefings on the Corona virus.

"I don't think there is an opportunity for this virus to fade ... it will still exist, and if given the opportunity, it will reappear," he said, stressing that the United States should also focus this summer on properly strengthening the country's health care system and ensuring availability Hospital beds, respirators, and personal protective equipment for health care professionals.

He also stressed the importance of continuing to conduct social separation everywhere until the number of cases begins to decrease in cities and states.

It is worth noting that last April, the United States witnessed a daily infection rate of between 20,000 and 30,000 new cases.

As of Tuesday morning, the number of HIV infections in the United States had risen to more than 1.2 million, including nearly 70,000 deaths.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

With Cristiano Ronaldo's stay in his hometown a source of "envy" for Juventus, the Madeira island has become more like a prison for the Portuguese football legend, in light of the Corona pandemic crisis.

According to press reports, Ronaldo was stuck on the island in the Atlantic Ocean, west of the coast of Portugal, after he prevented his private plane from getting there.

Ronaldo, 35, was supposed to fly to Turin, Italy, to meet his colleagues in Juventus after easing quarantine restrictions and partly returning to training with due regard for social distance.

But, according to Portuguese media, Ronaldo's private plane stopped in Madrid on its way to Madeira Island, and there she faced restrictions imposed by the Spanish authorities on air traffic.

The plane tried to take off 3 times, but it was prevented by the Spanish authorities, which left the former Real Madrid player stuck on the island, and made his return to training difficult.

The Italian government gave the green light for football clubs to resume their training, months after soccer activity stopped against the backdrop of the Corona epidemic.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

Millions around the world are waiting for the lifting of the closure procedures to travel, especially those stranded in light of the spread of the new Corona virus, but what will the travel be after the lifting of the closure?

It seems that returning to boarding aircraft again after the Corona crisis will not be as easy as some might think, and it could also be a risky adventure, according to a senior official at one of the world's largest and most important airports.

It will be impossible to take social measures at airports, after the Corona pandemic has receded, says John Holland Kay, chief executive of London Heathrow Airport.

He added that if the airports wanted to follow the policy of social divergence, this would make the queues extend to at least a kilometer for each plane separately.

He also confirms that the social divergence "will be impossible" at the airports, because there are not enough spaces to take such a measure, calling for the intensification of medical examinations to detect the disease instead.

"Forget about social separation," Kaye wrote in his article. "He will not work in aviation or any other form of public transportation. The problem is not on the plane, it is a lack of space at the airport."

And the closures caused by the spread of the Corona virus threaten the future of a large number of airlines, as they incurred heavy losses, forcing many of them to declare bankruptcy or layoffs.

With some closings still in place for the foreseeable future, air travel can become a luxury, as airlines are expected to cover their losses due to social divergence by raising ticket prices.

And airlines may have to reduce the number of passengers per plane, according to the rule of social separation, by at least 20 percent, which will increase costs for those wishing to travel.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

The European Union announced today, Monday, that it will allocate 1 billion euros for international efforts to develop a vaccine against the emerging Corona virus, which has so far killed about 250,000 people worldwide.

The European Commission President, Ursula von der Line, said in an opening speech to a virtual international conference of donors to raise funds for the development and production of the vaccine, that the bloc "allocates 1 billion euros for international efforts" in this area.

Von der Line considered that the date of May 4 is considered an "important turning point" in the anti-Corona virus march, adding: "Today's conference is the beginning, but we will need more in the future. The partners are many and the goal is the same."

In the same context, von der Line confirmed that the conference aims in addition to developing vaccines and medicines, to provide these materials to international partners, especially the most vulnerable parties.

The European official stressed the need for the world to learn to live with the Coronavirus until the vaccine is found.

She was keen to thank several countries, including France, Britain, Canada, Japan, Italy and Germany, and she also thanked Saudi Arabia for "putting the issue of fighting the virus at the top of the agenda of the Group of 20 nations."

It is expected that the donor conference, in which European countries will participate primarily without the presence of the United States, will raise 7.5 billion euros, which will be spent on expanding testing and developing treatment and prevention of the new corona virus.

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