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By: Nadeemy Haded

US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said that the first stage of the trade agreement between the United States and China will be fully enforceable, including a pledge by China to refrain from manipulating its currency.

Mnuchin told Fox Business Tuesday that documents of the trade agreement will be announced on Wednesday, and US President Donald Trump will sign the agreement with Chinese Vice Prime Minister Liu He at a ceremony at the White House.

According to the American official, China has pledged to purchase additional US goods and services worth $ 200 billion over the next two years under the agreement, adding that American companies and farmers may reap more gains once dealing with structural reforms in the stage two agreement, according to "Reuters" .

Source: Reuters


By: Nadeemy Haded

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is approaching taking the first tranche of $ 346 million of stock options under an unprecedented bonus package, after electric car maker shares have more than doubled in the past three months.

Tesla shares had risen 9 percent to a record high level, Monday, and they need to rise another 6 percent to reach the market value of the company's shares to 100 billion dollars, and then maintain that level for an average of one month and 6 months alike in order to activate the entitlement to the first tranche of 12 options chip possessed Mask to buy Tesla shares.

Mask has already achieved an operational objective that is also necessary to merit options.

In order for the holder of each of the following slides to be entitled under the terms of the 2018 package, he must continuously increase the company's market value by $ 50 billion over the 10-year agreement period, with the billionaire earning the full package value if Tesla's market value reaches $ 650 billion with the car maker's achievement Electrical has several goals in terms of revenue and profits.

The total amount owed for Mask, who also has a majority stake in SpaceX for the missile industry, who is CEO, will exceed any payments previously made by a US executive, according to Institutional Shareholders Services, a consultancy that had recommended investors to reject the reward agreement. timely.

Mask does not receive any salary or cash rewards, but only options worthy of building on the market value of Tesla and achieving the company's growth goals.

The amount Musk might charge can be compared to what Snape's founder Evans Bigel got in 2017 after the $ 638 million initial public offering.

In 2018, Robert Eiger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, received a bonus share of $ 149.6 million, including bonuses for Disney's acquisition of Fox Film and Television assets.

He transformed Tesla's mask from a small car maker facing production problems to a global player in the field of electric cars, factories in the United States and China, and has so far managed to continue to advance on more established competitors such as BMW and Volkswagen.

Last week, the market value of Tesla shares exceeded about $ 89 billion, bypassing General Motors and Ford together for the first time, after surprising profits in the third quarter of the year and advancing at a new factory in China and better car deliveries than expected in the fourth quarter.

But many investors remain skeptical of Tesla's ability to generate profits, cash flows and sustainable growth.

Tesla was worth about $ 53 billion when shareholders agreed to the bonus package in January 2018 at a time when the company faced a liquidity crisis, production disruptions and intense competition.

And he considered the goal very ambitious at the time if it involved increasing the value of the company up to 10 times in 10 years.

Last year, Mask achieved two main operating goals, with revenues exceeding $ 20 billion, adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and debt consumption of $ 1.5 billion over 4 consecutive seasons.

Musk currently owns about 34 million shares in Tesla, equivalent to 19 percent of the company, and the bonus package will allow him to buy an additional 20.3 million shares if all options are due.

Source: Agencies


By: Nadeemy Haded

Aviation officials from Iran, Ukraine and Canada held a meeting in Tehran today, Tuesday, on the investigation of the Ukrainian plane crash in Iran last week.

While Iranian state television reported the news, he did not refer to any further details of what was discussed during the meeting regarding this disaster, which killed all 176 people on board.

The Iranian authorities had sent the black box of the affected Ukrainian plane to France for analysis.

The director of the Air Accidents Bureau of the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization, Hassan Rezaei Fer, had said that the capabilities in Iran were insufficient to read the plane's black box memory.

He added: "We asked countries like Canada, France, and the United States to send the necessary software hardware to download the information recorded in the plane's black box to Iran, but our request was rejected."

And Iran admitted last Saturday, that it had shot down the Ukrainian plane by mistake, on Wednesday, January 11, shortly after it took off from Tehran, heading to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

Source: Agencies


By: Nadeemy Haded

Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova, formerly ranked first in the world, withdrew from an exhibition match on Tuesday in Kooyong, a suburb of the Australian city of Melbourne, due to smoke from fires that hit the east of the country.

The 32-year-old asked for a time-out when she was tied in Group 5-5 (after her first 6-7 loss) with German Laura Sigmund, claiming that "the players inhale the smoke".

The fire department in Australia had announced on Tuesday its success in curbing the strongest "huge fire" the country has known, which has remained for three months out of control, while rain is expected to start soon in the affected areas.

The fires that caused the deterioration of air quality in Melbourne led the organizers of the Australian Open to suspend the exercises scheduled for Tuesday, in preparation for the first major slam tournaments that start next Monday.

Sharapova, who played with an adhesive bandage to facilitate breathing, described the conditions of play as "harsh", explaining that she had suffered "coughing attacks" at the end of the second set.

"The referee of the chair asked us to go an extra mile," said the holder of the title of 5 major championships, which fell to the 145th position in the world due to her suffering with injuries.

She added, "In my view, the decision (withdrawal) was wise." Sharapova received an invitation from the organizers to participate in the Open Australia.

For her part, Sigmund described smoke as "penetrated my structure, this is the first time I have played in similar circumstances and I acknowledge that I felt in the second group."

Source Sky News


By: Nadeemy Haded

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump, to find an alternative to the nuclear deal with Iran, expressing the hope that no further escalation of tension would happen because of Tehran.

"If we are going to get rid of it, let's find an alternative, for him and for him to replace Trump," the British prime minister said of the nuclear agreement signed by Western countries with Iran. "It will go a long way," Reuters reported.

He continued, saying: "I do not want a military conflict between us, between the United States and Iran, let us alleviate the matter," stressing the need to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Johnson denied that London had any connection with the killing of the commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Qassem Soleimani, who was killed by an American strike in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

Iran and the six major powers - China, Russia, the United States, France, Germany and Britain - signed an agreement in 2015 guaranteeing the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program, in exchange for the abolition of all sanctions on Iran.

In May 2018, the United States withdrew from the nuclear agreement with Iran in a speech by US President Donald Trump, which heightened tensions between Washington and Tehran.

Source: Agencies


By: Nadeemy Haded

Two European diplomats said that France, Britain and Germany will inform the European Union on Tuesday that they will activate the mechanism of resolving the nuclear dispute with Iran, after Tehran launched new violations of the 2015 nuclear agreement.

The diplomats added that the decision aims to salvage the agreement by talking with Iran about what it should do to reverse decisions taken, and pointed out that the goal is not to reimpose UN sanctions, as reported by "Reuters".

Tensions between the West and Tehran have worsened since US President Donald Trump announced the United States' withdrawal from Iran’s nuclear agreement with world powers.

Tensions have increased recently between Washington and Tehran following a strike by a US drone that killed the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Qassem Soleimani, on January 3, and Iran responded by bombing a US base in Iraq.

In his latest tweet on Twitter, addressing his words to Iran, Trump said Sunday: "I don't care at all if they will negotiate. It's entirely up to them, but no nuclear weapons and do not kill your protesters."

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday that France and Russia have a common desire to protect the Iranian nuclear deal.

Macron added in a statement that he had contacted, on Sunday, with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the subject.

Source: Reuters

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