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By: Nadeemy Haded

A new global classification for the best countries in the world for the year 2019 revealed the ranking of 8 Arab countries based on the criteria of cultural openness, diversity, business climate, quality of life, history and citizenship.

The UAE ranked first and 22 internationally, ahead of Russia, Portugal and Thailand, followed by Qatar in the second Arab position and the 30th globally, and after Saudi Arabia the 31st internationally, while Egypt ranked fourth in the Arab world and 36th internationally, and Morocco ranked fifth in the Arab world and the 40th internationally.

This ranking is issued annually by the US News and World in partnership with the BAV Group and the University of Pennsylvania.

The classification showed that Switzerland is still the best country in the world for the fourth year in a row, while Canada came in second place, surpassing Japan, which fell to third after it was second in the past year.

Germany ranked fourth, followed by Australia. As for the lowest ranking that included only 73 countries, Lebanon was led by Serbia, followed by Oman, Belarus, and Tunisia.

This classification, which has been issued since 2016, was accomplished based on a global survey attended by 20,000 people from 36 countries, and published in January of each year.

Source: usnews + "Hespress"

Report / Yasmine Thabet

In a festive and friendly atmosphere, the British Castle Journalism and Media Group headed by Dr.Abeer Almadawy, owner and Chairman of the Group, celebrated the day of love for Chinese and Egyptian culture, in the presence of the Chinese Cultural Ambassador Dr. Sakhr Shi and a group of media, cultural and scientific figures.

Heading the TV media audience was Wael El-Ashry and Dr. Ahmed Hamada, Head of Channel Seven.

The famous TV media concert was presented by Dr. Wael El-Ashry, welcome to Dr. Sakhr Shi and the attendees, stressing in the opening speech that Egypt will remain the cradle of civilizations and a friend of all.

A word followed

Dr.Abeer Almadawy

She expressed her happiness for the attendance of Dr. Sakhr Shi, the patron of Chinese culture in Egypt, this ceremony, noting that the group held the ceremony on this day because it has a special impression as it keeps pace with the days of celebrating the police festivals, so its sovereignty sent a salute to the brave police officers who put their lives in redemption for this country, and highlighted its sovereignty The important role played by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to place Egypt locally and internationally in the position it deserves.

Her Excellency also urged everyone to stand by the shoulder of President shoulder by shoulder and correct the media image that is broadcast in the minds of the world about Egypt and the role of Egyptian

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi

for the greatness of the President's pivotal and influential roles in the Egyptian and Arab region. Her Excellency also indicated that the Castle Journal at the international level is not published Except the real and valuable news about Egypt and the president’s role, and also through these friendships,

Castle Journal tries to adopt the creative Egyptian energies from the age of 12 to 17 years to develop them, and this is so that we have a creative, generous generation that benefits his country and the world with these energies, as it provided some examples For scientific information from the sons of Egypt,

Dr. Sakhr Shi, and this is in the framework of a cooperation protocol previously signed by the Castle Journal Group with the rule of the former Chinese Cultural Adviser 2016 Dr. Chen. Dr. Shi completed the implementation of the agreement with a promise from his Excellency to help fulfill the hopes of the Castle Journal Group in providing information that would benefit His country and the world.

In his speech, the Chinese cultural advisor, Dr. Sakhr Shi, expressed his happiness at attending this ceremony, stressing that Egypt and China have had friendship since ancient times, and also praised his sovereignty for the role played

by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi

to advance the country and described his sovereignty, President Sisi, as he has a very advanced thought and Egyptians should stand Beside the president with this thought in order for Egypt to advance.

His Excellency also praised the role of the Castle Journal Group

Dr.Abeer Almadawy

Domestic and international, and China welcomes all Egyptian energies and opens its doors to all


By: Nadeemy Haded

The Russian authorities have opened an investigation into a Nigerian criminal network, believed to have forced women to practice vice, after arriving without a visa during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, the state-run Tass news agency reported.

Authorities arrested two Nigerians in October 2018, and charged them with trafficking in human beings, after one of the women was presented to a police officer pretending to be a customer.

Activists say many of the nearly 1,000 Nigerian women who entered Russia on a special visa for the World Cup fans are still "in slavery."

During the tournament held in the summer of 2018, Russia opened its doors to fans to enter the country without obtaining a visa, provided that they had obtained the fan card.

An unidentified Russian source said that the two suspects in the human trafficking case were part of a criminal network that forced young Nigerian women to practice vice.

The source was quoted as saying: "[Both] witnesses in another criminal case [for organizing acts against morality] are currently being investigated."

Without referring to the total number of suspects, the source said that the accused in the organized case are Nigerian citizens.

The defendant’s next hearing is scheduled for January 22, according to the court’s website.

Source: Tass


By: Nadeemy Haded

The administration of US President Donald Trump decided, on Friday, to abolish some health standards for lunches in American schools, which were set by Michelle Obama, the wife of the former president.

According to the British newspaper, "The Guardian," the US Department of Agriculture will give schools more freedom to choose the type of food they provide to students, "because they know their students better," according to a statement released on Friday.

The Food and Nutrition Services Agency will not restrict US schools to the prescribed quantities of vegetables and fruits according to Michelle Obama's plan, and will instead allow them to provide pizza, burgers, and French fries, according to the newspaper, knowing that these are Trump's preferred meals.

Some American media has noticed that Trump's decision to start changing school food systems set by Michelle Obama came on her birthday.

It is reported that the agency is responsible for managing the food programs that feed nearly 30 million students in 99,000 American schools.

And some huge food sectors, such as the potato cultivation sector, have long sought to change the standards set under the Obama administration, which imposed more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in school meals, as healthy foods.

The recent proposed rules, if applied, will create a major gap in the school feeding guidelines, paving the way for children to choose pizza, burgers, french fries, and other Foods that contain high calories, saturated fats and sodium, rather than balanced meals.

The Trump administration has previously criticized foods approved by Michelle Obama in schools, such as brown bread and brown rice, claiming that students in schools are reluctant to eat it, which ends up eating food waste

Source agencies


By: Nadeemy Haded

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the companies in Silicon Valley, the cradle of giant technology groups, warned of the dangers they face in dealing with China.

Before signing the first-stage trade agreement between Beijing and Washington, Pompeo told the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (Silicon Valley Leadership Group): “I am not here to ask you to leave China. Actually, on the contrary, we want American companies to enrich by entering into deals there and creating jobs. Here".

He added: "At the same time, we must ensure that our companies do not enter into contracts that enhance our competitors' army or facilitate its suppression of some areas of the country."

He continued: "We must make sure that American technology does not fuel a strict monitoring state," stressing that "American principles for prosperity should not be sacrificed."

Pompeo called on US companies to "ask just a few questions: What is it about? What is the true connection between the risks that may occur and the benefits we expect from these deals in China?", According to "AFP."

On Wednesday, China and the United States signed a trade agreement that constitutes a political victory for Donald Trump, but despite his positive results, he comes amid the negative effects of the trade dispute on the first two economic powers in the world.

Source Sky News

Wednesday, 15 January 2020 16:04

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By: Nadeemy Haded

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the presidential plane known as the "White Elephant", was offered for sale as part of his "austerity" program.

Mexican President Andres Obrador, known simply as "Amalou", has a problem selling the plane, as no one wants to buy the "white elephant".

Obrador said on that the presidential plane, a Boeing Dream Liner, will be returned to Mexico a year after it is offered for sale in the United States, where its maintenance costs have accumulated to reach $ 1.5 million.

The former Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, bought this plane and requested that it be redesigned to be able to carry only 80 people, with the addition of a full presidential suite with a bedroom and a private bathroom.

Obrador pointed out that the potential buyers were unable to obtain financing for the purchase of the plane, especially since the process of rehabilitating it and transforming it again into a commercial plane that accommodates 300 passengers, seems very expensive.

Obrador hoped that the sale of the plane would provide a lot of money in order to support anti-poverty programs in his country, as he had himself taken the initiative to choose to travel in economy class on regular commercial flights, and to reduce travel abroad, and the president also prevented his government from making flights in airplanes. Government-owned executive.

Obrador announced a series of auctions that will sell a total of 39 government-owned helicopters, 33 executive and small aircraft.

The Mexican government offered 19 planes and 9 helicopters for sale in the first round of auctions, in the hope that it would raise more than a billion dollars, according to the British newspaper "The Guardian".

It is noteworthy that the term "white elephant" is used in the economy to denote ownership that its owner can not dispose of because of its high cost, especially its maintenance.

This term is derived from the story of the Siam kings (now Thailand) who used to gift the hated royal entourage of a white villa for their destruction, due to the high cost of caring for it.

Source: Agencies

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