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Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz said that his country, which is one of 4 countries seeking to make changes to the European Union's planned fund to support the recovery from Corona, wants the largest share of that aid to go to the "poorest countries of the bloc."

Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden are among the largest contributors to the EU budget, and these countries generally oppose large spending plans. She resisted the idea of ​​including grant making among the Fund's activities, and suggested instead that his activities be limited to providing loans.

The European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, had proposed the creation of a 750 billion euro ($ 847 billion) fund, with two thirds of the amount to be provided in the form of a grant. European Union leaders hope to finalize details of the fund at a summit scheduled on Friday.

But the Austrian chancellor said he was no longer completely opposed to the idea of ​​granting grants, indicating that he would discuss the idea of ​​mixing grants and loans.

"According to the Brussels plan, Italy, Spain or Poland will benefit more," Kurtz told the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

"But in the European Union we have significantly poorer countries. My sense of justice tells me that if we are in the European Union we will spend this large sum, it should flow first of all to the poorest (members)", without specifying specific countries.

According to the European Union's statistics office, Eurostat, Latvia, Romania, Greece, Croatia and Bulgaria are the poorest countries in the bloc on a per capita basis. Austria maintains close ties with the Western Balkans, including Croatia.

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By:Nadeemy Haded


A new economic study concluded that the pandemic of the Coronavirus and the harsh closures that accompanied it cost the global economy about $ 3.8 trillion, a figure that is expected to rise.

Researchers at the University of Sydney, Australia, said their study was the first attempt to determine the economic consequences of the epidemic on a global scale.

The researchers pointed out that 147 million people lost their jobs around the world, causing salary payments to drop by $ 2.1 trillion.

The global consumption level decreased by 4.2 percent, equivalent to $ 3.8 trillion, which is equivalent to the GDP of a country like Germany.

Corona's repercussions cost more than the combined wars of the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

As expected, the tourism and travel sector was the most affected among the economic sectors, due to the canceling of flights and the closing of many countries to its borders, especially in Asia, Europe and the United States.

As a result of orders to close and close the borders, the world lost its interconnectedness and contact before the pandemic that started in late 2019 in Wuhan, China.

The matter caused great unrest in economic sectors besides tourism, such as trade, energy and finance.

These losses are due to the nature of the global economy, which has become more intertwined and intertwined in the twenty-first century.

The researchers said that global losses are likely to rise with the continuation of the closure measures, warning against lifting these measures, may lead to more severe economic effects for a longer period.

They pointed out that the most affected groups of workers are migrant workers and unskilled workers, who are difficult to adapt to in the virtual work environment created by Corona, according to the British newspaper "Daily Mail".

Despite the dark aspects of the Corona crisis, a bright side has emerged, which is the biggest decrease in greenhouse gas emissions in human history, according to the study.

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By:Nadeemy Haded


Barcelona striker Antoine Griezmann is expected to miss the last two rounds of the current championship season.

This absence comes after Griezmann suffered a thigh injury during the Catalan club match, which won 1-0 yesterday, Saturday, against Real Valladolid.

Griezmann was replaced during the break between the two halves of the match, and Barcelona said in a statement on Sunday that he had been injured in the right thigh.

The French national team has performed well this season, after moving last year from Atletico Madrid for 120 million euros.

Barcelona did not specify how long the striker will be absent from his ranks, but the local Sport newspaper said that he will be absent for three weeks, which means his absence from his team's next match against his guest, Osasuna, next Thursday, in addition to his last match in the season against Alaves in the last stadium next Sunday.

Thanks to yesterday's victory, Barcelona maintained their chance to compete for the league title, although the biggest rivals Real Madrid, at the top, could extend the difference between the two giants to four points if they beat Granada on Monday.

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By:Nadeemy Haded


The Russian Air Defense Service for Forests announced that it is still trying to quell 136 fires that extend over an area of ​​43 thousand hectares, by stimulating clouds and using explosives.

The Russian Air Defense Service for Forests announced on Saturday that it is still trying to quell 136 fires spread over an area of ​​43 thousand hectares, by stimulating clouds and using explosives.

The agency said that the intensity of the fire subsided this week, but added that most of the hotspots are very remote, and suppressing them is very expensive along the huge forests in Siberia, which is recording record temperatures this summer.

According to the Russian Air Forestry Protection Service, 159 fires burned 333,000 hectares, larger than the area of ​​Luxembourg, and it continues in areas where Russian firefighters' efforts have been disrupted.

But the numbers are declining, as the agency last week reported more than two million hectares of burning, equivalent to half the size of Switzerland, according to what was quoted by "AFP".

Siberia has been experiencing unusually high temperatures since January, in addition to low soil moisture, which led to new fires after the fire engulfed the region last year, according to the European Copernicus Service specializing in climate change.

Since mid-June, fires have increased in northeastern Siberia, and less so in Alaska, according to Copernicus, causing 59 megatons of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere, a record for this month since the measurements began in 2003.

In addition to using explosives to contain the flame, the Russian Air Protection Agency for Forests indicated that it was trying to stimulate rain by artificially exploiting clouds.

The regions in the Great North and behind the Arctic Circle recorded record temperatures.

On June 20, Russian meteorological services recorded 38 ° C in Verkhoyansk, behind the Arctic Circle, the highest temperature since the start of the record measurements at the end of the nineteenth century.

For his part, Director of the Russian Meteorological Center, Roman Villefande, told reporters at the end of June that the biggest problem is the hurricanes, which are difficult to anticipate and cause high temperatures and the intensity of the sun, which is "one of the results of climate change."

Satellite imagery shown on Saturday showed that major fires are still burning in Yakutia (Eastern Siberia), a huge area on the border of the Arctic Ocean.

The region declared a state of emergency on July 2 due to the fires, and local civil defense agencies said they had fought for most of the week on fire over a fuel storage site.

For its part, the Greenpeace watchdog in Russia, using data collected via satellite, announced that 9.26 million hectares, more than the area of ​​Portugal, had been affected by fires since the beginning of the year.

The environmental organization condemned the underfunding of the agency responsible for forestry, making it unable to provide adequate fire protection.

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By:Nadeemy Haded


The Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, has criticized the skeptics of the fact that the pandemic of the emerging corona virus is present in the world.

Peskov, who had previously contracted and recovered from the coronavirus in May, said in an interview with "Russia-1" channel on Sunday that people who do not believe in the fact of the virus "appear at least ignorant, and crazy in the worst case."

He continued: "This disease exists, and it differs from other diseases."

A Kremlin spokesperson revealed that someone with a corona sometimes feels intimidated, adding that the period of injury is related to an "unknown feeling yet."

Source: Novosti

By:Nadeemy Haded

Russian President Vladimir Putin has commented on the harsh criticism of him and his rule, saying he considers it his duty to listen to what is being proposed, but criticism for denunciations never warrants his attention.

"There are always people who think differently about you, and it seems to them that they have better solutions than those proposed by the current authorities, including the head of state," Putin said, in an interview with "Russia-1", in response to a question about sometimes sharp criticism. In general, it does not seem strange, I consider it my duty to listen to what is being proposed or presented, and if something important is presented in general, except for criticism alone, because criticism for denunciation is simply not interesting, and if there is Also constructive proposals, then of course, I listen to it with pleasure. "

Putin pointed out that just listening to the proposals does not mean that he will "adopt what he heard." "But knowing a whole bunch of opinions, reviews and suggestions is helpful," he concluded.

Source: "Novosti"

By:Nadeemy Haded


Norwegian international striker Erling Halland, the German football club Borussia Dortmund, suffered an embarrassing situation during his summer vacation in his country.

On social media, a video of Halland spread as he quarreled with a nightclub guard in his hometown, after he was expelled from him, and the young player continued to discuss the security guard until some of his comrades entered and took him (Halland) away.

Halland appeared in the video in unbalanced condition.

The 19-year-old returned to his country Norway after the end of the football season in Germany at the end of last June.

Halland is one of the most prominent strikers in the world today, and scored in the last season 44 goals in all competitions, knowing that he ran in the first half of the last season with Austrian Salzburg, before moving in January to Borussia Dortmund.


By:Nadeemy Haded



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