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Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has revealed his desire to complete his contract with his Spanish club before deciding on his retirement.

German midfielder Toni Kroos has expressed his desire to complete his contract with his current club Real Madrid, which runs until 2023, before he thinks to end his career and professional career.

"My goal is to continue playing for Real Madrid in the next three seasons," Crose said, who moved from Bayern Munich to Real Madrid in 2014, during an interview with "Eurospor" in Germany.

The player who won the 2014 World Cup title with the German national team continued that in the year 2023 "I will be thirty-three years old, and it will be a good time to ask the question: How do I feel on the physical level, are I still motivated, do I have a desire to continue? Then we will see what happens ".

Croes believes that "3 years in football is a long time. 3 years in Real Madrid is even longer," referring to the level required to play for the club, which has been crowned 13 times in the Champions League throughout its history.

In his speech, Kroos mentioned his departure from German club Bayern Munich 6 years ago, after disputes with some of the club's officials, who crowned a champion of the Bundesliga in the last seven seasons.

"Some people in Bayern may have regretted letting me go, but this regret does not apply to me at all, I had my convictions, and Bayern had its convictions, and there was no other way but separation," Cross said.

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