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Years after the "racist incident" between former Manchester United player Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez, who was playing for Liverpool at the time, Evra revealed what happened at Anfield in October 2011.

The former United player confirmed that he forgave Suarez, and that he had not and will not accuse him of racism, as he revealed a conversation between them inside the tunnel leading to the field before the match between Juventus and Barcelona in the Champions League final in 2015.

In a new episode of UTD Podcast, Evra explained that it was difficult to show restraint at the time of the incident, after which the Uruguayan striker was suspended for eight matches.

Evra said: "I think people don't know what happened behind the scenes. We were playing a game against Liverpool at Anfield, and I was assigned to watch him on one of the corner kicks. He told me in Spanish: Don't touch me. I'm not talking to a black person. Maybe he didn't know I understood Spanish And I asked him what he meant by his words, so he told me: Yes, I am not talking to a black person. "

And Evra continued: "At that time, the referee (Andrei Mariner) came to us to inquire about what was happening between us. He noticed a change in my facial expressions, and asked me if I was fine. I told him that he directed me to racist terms, and he said: Well, we will talk after the match ends. Complete the game. Now do not commit any foolish behavior, "according to Manchester United.

Evra explained: "After the match, I was very angry and noticed that Sir Alex Ferguson, and came to ask about what happened, so David de Gea said to him that Suarez addressed to me racist words and that he heard it himself. Soon after, we went to the referee and told him what happened, and the next day "I was surprised that my name made headlines. I did not know that it would reach the press, so I thought that the ruling alone would know what really happened."

Evra explained that "after the press reported the incident, Manchester received many threatening letters to me, and some wrote about it: We encourage Liverpool, but we are prisoners now. When we go out, we will kill you and your family."

Evra indicated that "a special guard was appointed to me for two months, and the fanatics of Liverpool fans slept in front of my house. It was a difficult period, but I was not afraid, unlike my wife and brother. I did not understand why these people hated me so much despite not really knowing What happened on the field. "

After the accident, the FA investigated the incident and punished Suarez in December with a suspension of eight games, in addition to a fine of 40,000 pounds.

Evra noted that he received an email from the Liverpool president apologizing for what happened 9 years ago, adding, "He told me that he would welcome me to Liverpool if I needed anything. I was very impressed with the new club's position, and that it happens years after the incident is better than not happening Absolutely".

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