By:Nadeemy Haded

Bayern Munich CEO revealed an unprecedented "strange" idea that Spanish coach Pep Guardiola wanted to implement when he was coach of the German champion.

Bayern Munich chief executive Carl Heinz Rummenigge said Guardiola was fully convinced of the ability of goalkeeper Manuel Neuer to play in midfield.

According to the newspaper "Marca", Guardiola wanted to involve Newer as a midfielder during one of the league matches, after the team secured the title, but Rummenigge prevented him from doing so.

"After we won the league title, Guardiola wanted to implement the idea of ​​Neuer playing midfield during one of the matches," said the CEO of the German giant.

He added: "He was adamant about the idea, and it was not easy to dissuade him from doing this, but I did not allow that because he would have appeared as an arrogant behavior for competitors."

Rummenigge indicated that he agrees Guardiola that Bayern Munich goalkeeper and Germany can really play in the midfield if he wants to, thanks to his high potential.

Newer has great control over the ball with his feet, and the Spanish coach has always used it to start attacks from behind, or to perform long passes for his teammates.

Guardiola coached Bayern Munich between 2013 and 2016, winning all local titles, but he failed to achieve the Champions League.

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