By: Nadeemy Haded

Football legend Diego Maradona recently spoke to Argentine media, revealing that he had been kidnapped by "aliens".

In an interview with TUC Sports, Maradona said, in response to a question whether he believes in foreign and alien aliens, that "once, after consuming a little alcohol, I was missing from the house for 3 days."

And the website of the British "Daily Mail" newspaper quoted Maradona as saying: "After I got home, I said that strange aliens kidnapped me, they took me with them outside the earth, and I cannot tell you more than that."

One of the things Maradona revealed during his interview was that he played several times for his country without sleeping for an hour the night before.

Asked about the guests he would choose if he thought about organizing a dinner party, Maradona said: “Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Lula Dela Silva, the former Brazilian president, Nestor Kirchner, the former Argentine president, Alberto Fernandez, the former Argentine president, and Christina Kirchner, the former Argentine president, and Lionel Messi Najm F.C.B".

It is worth noting that Maradona, who retired from play in 1997, had a varied training career, during which he supervised the Argentine national team and clubs in Argentina, the Emirates and Mexico.

Source Sky News

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