The second round of the group stage of the Champions League saw a remarkable brilliance for the Arab stars in the tournament, who represented a milestone for their clubs Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Moroccan defender Achraf Hakimi impressed brilliantly with Borussia Dortmund and scored twice against Slavia Prague in the latter's stadium.

Hakimi set off by the middle of the stadium, dribbling all the defenders of Slavia Prague as well as the goalkeeper, before scoring the roof of the goal.

Despite his position at right-back, Hakimi's high fitness and offensive tendency helped him achieve an important victory for Dortmund in the "Death Group", which also includes Inter Milan and Barcelona.

Moroccan star Hakim Ziach did not wait long before he made his mark at Ajax Amsterdam against Valencia.

Ziach scored the match's undisputed goal when he fired from a long distance into the top of Valencia just eight minutes into the game.

Despite Manchester City's "constellation" of stars, Algerian midfielder Riad Mehrez has established himself as a valuable player in Josep Guardiola's squad.

Statistics sites such as "Ho Scord" chose the Algerian star of the match, during the meeting "Citizens" against Dinamo Zagreb, Croatia, who contributed a decisive pass behind the game in favor of the English score of 2-0.

There is no week to go without Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, and as usual, contributed to the victory of his team Liverpool "dramatic" against Austrian Red Bull Salzburg.

Liverpool defeated Salzburg 4-3 at Stubborn, and Salah played a major role in the precious win, scoring the third and fourth goals.

Source Sky News

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