After four and a half rounds, Lionel Messi set foot on the pitch and made his debut in La Liga when he took part at the start of the second half of Barcelona's 2-1 win over Granada, which ended in a 2-0 win. Although Liu was unable to save his team, his numbers

were better than his team-mates. .

Barca fired only once against the opponent in 90 minutes through Messi and the team created 5 chances to meet two of which were made by Leo and four dribbles (out of 8 for the players) and although this was not enough to change the result, but showed what can

Messi has to offer it when he returns to the team.

Most of the players Barcelona did not provide the required for this meeting, led by Antoine Griezmann, who paid a one-off match and his attempt went out of the goal and did not make any chance and tried to dribble once and failed to do so and his movements were

always on the extreme end, either through the right or left and the end result is not able to Create any useful offensive effect.

Rest in Real Madrid:

After keeping the clean sheet, the team won many acclaim, especially the midfielder Casemiro, who was chosen man of the game after he managed to cut four balls and made three successful interventions and Benzema rose to the top scorers with Villarreal star

Gerard Moreno by signing his fifth goal.

With regard to Benzema, the situation seems different this season.The rate of repayment of the French has risen a lot this season, in 2018/19 Benzema has reached the rate of 2.9 shots per game but this season has averaged 4.2 shots per game so far knowing that

the rate paid by Real Madrid did not exceed Haddad had three shots only once in the 2015/16 season, when he reached 3.6, which helped him to score 24 goals in the league and is still the best figure for him in the Royal jersey so it may not be unlikely to see Karim

compete for the first time for the title of goalscorer.

For his part, Hazard has not reached the required level so far and perhaps the impact of the injury and his need to adapt is the first reason waiting for his performance in the next rounds.

Antique Gold:

At Villarreal, Cazorla continues to offer a fascinating season at the age of 34, where he performed a great performance against Valladolid this week translated by scoring a penalty goal in addition to the creation of 4 chances and was the second most touching player

with 84 touches, a continuation of the great performance of the Spanish creator since the beginning of the season.

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