The Spanish League stood on the side of Barcelona, ​​against its Argentine star Lionel Messi, noting in an official statement that the value of the player's contract termination is 700 million euros, as previously announced by the Catalan club.

The association said, on Sunday, that the only way for the veteran striker to leave the Catalan club is to pay the 700 million euros in the penalty clause stipulated in his contract with Barcelona.

The association added in a statement: "According to the laws in force, the League will not agree to any request to dispense with any player registered with the Spanish Football Federation except by paying the penalty clause stipulated in the player's contract."

The association’s statement comes with a source in Barcelona confirming that the Argentine star Lionel Messi did not attend a medical examination with his club Barcelona before the start of the new football season, Sunday.

Last Tuesday, Messi suddenly announced his desire to leave the Catalan club, less than two weeks before the start of the new season.

Reuters pictures showed the arrival of the players to undergo a corona examination on Sunday morning, while Messi, who was expected to arrive at the Barcelona training center at 10:15 am local time, did not appear.

Messi's lawyers earlier referred to a clause in a contract signed by the Argentine star in 2017 that allows him to leave the club for free, but if he asks for it before the tenth of June.

They stressed that this clause is usually applied at the end of the season, but the season was postponed and extended to this August due to the Corona pandemic.

Source: Agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded

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