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Hillary Clinton mocks Trump's letter to Erdogan

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 By: Nadeemy Haded

Hillary Clinton published a tweet containing a satirical letter addressed by John F. Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 and wrote in the manner President Trump used in his recent letter to Turkey.

"Don't be a fool, okay? Get your rockets out of Cuba," Clinton said. "Everybody will say, well, Khrushchev. You are the best, but if you don't, everyone will say, what a fool."

"You make me lose my temper. I'll call you later," said the satirical letter from Kennedy to Khrushchev (with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev).

Clinton joked that the message was "in the archive."

The letter recalls the bizarre tone of Trump's October 9 letter to his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in which he warned that it would destroy Turkey's economy if its invasion of Syria went too far away. Do not be a stubborn man. Don't be a fool, "he said." I will call you later. "

It is noteworthy that during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, the dispute between the Soviet Union represented in Khrushchev and the United States represented by Kennedy and Khrushchev, amid severe diplomatic and military tensions threatened to push the two superpowers to the brink of nuclear war, after the United States spotted Soviet missile facilities in Cuba, off The coast of Florida, which led Kennedy to impose a naval blockade on the Cuban island.

Soviet ships loaded with nuclear missiles bound for Cuba returned at the last minute after a secret agreement between Khrushchev and Kennedy.

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The controversial US House of Representatives member, Alexandre Ocasio Cortez, announced her support for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

"We now have the best group of Democratic candidates in a generation, and much of that is due to the work that Bernie Sanders has done in his lifetime," said 30-year-old Okacio Cortez at the festival, which gathered about 20,000 people in her Queens constituency.

Earlier, campaigners for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders announced that "during one of the electoral activities, Sanders felt a soreness in the chest.

The senator later announced that he was ready to continue working after he was discharged from hospital.

Nineteen candidates are competing for the Democratic presidential nomination, 12 of whom participated in a debate on Tuesday, and Sanders is third in the polls, behind Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

Ocasio Cortez joined her fellow congressional Democratic New Guard Ilhan Omar in support of Sanders.

The two young women MPs belong to the so-called "band", a group of four young, ethnically diverse, leftist and bold young women activists who campaign against President Trump's racist policy.Trump had earlier asked them to "return home," although they are all Americans.

Source: AFP

In the presence of counterparts from dozens of countries, the head of Russia's Federal Security Service unveiled the results of anti-terrorism measures in his country this year, and warned of the emergence of "new terrorist threats" around the world.

Speaking at an international meeting of security chiefs and competent bodies held in the southern Russian city of Sochi today with the participation of representatives of more than 70 countries, Alexander Portnikov said 39 attempts to carry out terrorist operations were thwarted in Russia this year.

He added that 32 militants were liquidated, 679 others were arrested, 22 were persuaded to give up terrorist activity, and 49 terrorist cells planning to carry out terrorist operations in various regions of Russia were dismantled.

Portnikov said that the Russian Federal Security has identified more than 5,000 Russian citizens who left abroad to join terrorist groups there, pointing out that the International Data Bank to Combat Terrorism, which was established at the initiative of Russia, currently includes the names of more than 45.5 thousand people linked to international terrorism In addition to 116 terrorist organizations.

'New' terrorist risks

Portnikov warned of new threats associated with terrorist activity, including:

Terrorist attacks using a large number of drones ... "Improving the specifications of the tubers and their ability to carry various weapons, to chemical and toxic substances, and to act as a" squadron, will all be a real challenge for us in the near future.

In the conduct of their attacks, terrorists use new wireless communication technologies "that do not depend on the availability of corporate services or Internet access"

* Easy access to artificial intelligence techniques, which will expand the capabilities of terrorists to commit crimes

* The ability of hackers associated with international terrorist organizations to disguise their cyber attacks as deliberate attacks by a government entity, threatening the risk of genuine political and military conflicts.

International terrorist leaders are increasingly acquiring new weapons, GPS systems and satellite communications

* The failure of high-tech companies to cooperate with the security services in the field of information security, note that messaging applications (Messenger) is the primary means of communication between terrorists.

Bortnikov warned against attempts to politicize the fight against terrorism and called for the abandonment of double standards, noting that "innocent citizens should not become hostages to differences between countries," and that any attempts to "flirt" terrorists "will ultimately benefit only the terrorists themselves."

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Paris - A French court has jailed four convicts and Islamists linked to a failed car bomb attack outside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris three years ago, the French daily Le Figaro reported.

The court sentenced one of them, Enas Madani, to 30 years in prison and Ornila Gilligman, 25.

Two other women were also sentenced to 20 years in prison each for cooperating with the defendants.

At the dawn of September 4, 2016, a car loaded with seven gas cylinders and three cans of diesel was parked on a street near the cathedral in central Paris.

Prosecutors said: "The two women stopped the car after they sent a video clip claiming responsibility for the planned attack of a person named Rashid Qasim, a French from" IS. "

Source: Reuters

A Spanish judicial source has revealed that the country's Supreme Court is to convict separatist leaders in the territory of Catalonia, and sentenced them up to 15 years in prison for their role in the efforts to secede the territory in 2017.

The news agency "Reuters" the source, that the most prominent of the prosecution, are 12 leaders and may be convicted on charges such as incitement and waste of public funds, provided that none of them convicted on charges of rebellion, which requires more severe punishment.

The source pointed out that the decision was taken unanimously by the seven members of the Supreme Court and that the judges are expected to ratify the verdict and announce it soon, and is likely to take place on Monday.

Separatist parties called for a peaceful civil disobedience if the separatist leaders were not acquitted. Perry Aragones, a senior official in the Catalan separatist Republican Left Party, described the possibility of convicting the defendants as "manifest injustice."

He added: "They tried to behead us and now they want things to peak, but that will not happen ... They will not be able to hide millions of separatists in this country."

The anti-independence Citizens Party called on Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to support the long-awaited judicial ruling.

Source: Reuters


UN envoy to Syria, Geir Pederson, discussed on Saturday evening with the Syrian negotiating body and its representatives in the Constitutional Committee at its headquarters in Riyadh, the rules of work of the Constitutional Committee.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairman of the Commission, Mr. Hariri, praised the efforts of Pederson and his team and expressed his thanks to the United Nations for its constructive role in reaching the announcement of the formation of the Constitutional Committee, hoping to continue those efforts and work to start discussing all the items of Resolution 2254. The Constitutional Commission will work positively to achieve its objectives and accomplish its work.

Pederson, in turn, thanked the positive role played by the negotiating body with the Special Envoy over the past 10 months.He then clarified his vision of the rules of procedure of the Commission during its meeting in Geneva.He listened to the questions of the members of the Constitutional Committee and responded to them in detail, which left him with satisfaction among the inquirers and members in general.

A member of the Constitutional Committee, Yahya Aridi, on behalf of the members of the Commission, handed Pederson a memorandum calling on the United Nations to intensify efforts and work to release the detainees, and to clarify the fate of the missing as this demand

TOKYO (Reuters) - The death toll from Japan's Typhoon Hagybis on Saturday rose to at least 18, amid reports of dozens of missing and more than 100 injured, Japanese television reported Sunday.

The agency "Kyodo" earlier in the day that the number of missing at least 16 people, while 125 others were injured by the typhoon.

In turn, the TBS television channel reported the loss of 22 people and the injury of about 150 others.

The "Hagebes" Saturday evening hit the main island of Honshu in Japan, and the Izu Peninsula, west of the capital Tokyo, accompanied by floods, strong winds and landslides.

Tokyo's wind speed was 41.5 meters per second, enough to overturn a truck, not to mention uprooting trees and electric poles.

About half a million homes in the Tokyo area were without power on Saturday, and about 14,000 homes were cut off.

The typhoon paralyzed transport in the greater Tokyo area over the weekend, air and sea flights were canceled and subway systems suspended.

About 20 typhoons strike Japan every year. Before Hagibis, Vaxay killed at least two people in early September and caused severe damage in Chiba, east of Tokyo.

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US stock indexes closed more than 1 percent higher, but below session highs, after a partial US-China trade deal was announced.

The Dow Jones industrial average ended 319.92 points, or 1.21 percent, higher at 26,816.59, while the broader Standard & Poor's 500 Index was up 32.14 points, or 1.09 percent, to close at 2,970.27.

The Nasdaq Composite Index was up 106.27 points, or 1.34 percent, at 8,057.04.

The three indices ended the week on gains, with both the Dow and the Nasdaq up 0.9 percent, while the S&P rose 0.6 percent.

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A lengthy report published by the Washington Institute for Middle East Studies on what he called "the shadow war between North Korea and Israel", revealing several incidents and hidden events very exciting.

In a report entitled "The Shadow War between North Korea and Israel," US expert Jay Solomon detailed what he saw as a covert war since the 1960s between North Korea and Israel, echoing Israel's failed secret attempts to co-opt North Korea.

"Rumors circulated in North Korea at one point that the Mossad was active in conducting sabotage operations targeting North Korea. In the spring of 2004, a North Korean train traveling near the Chinese border was hit by a massive explosion that killed more than 100 people," the expert said. 50 people. "

It quoted Asian press reports claiming at the time that "Syrian soldiers were among the victims," ​​and speculation that "Israeli spies targeted the train to disrupt Pyongyang's missile exports."

Solomon, however, commented on this exciting information, pointing out that he could not confirm, despite his shuttle flights in this regard between Seoul and Tel Aviv.

Another very interesting thing, according to Chinese press reports, was that in June 1973, Pyongyang sent a "North Korean Air Force mission of 20 experienced fighter pilots who had conducted sorties against US forces on the Korean Peninsula."

When the war broke out in 1973, the US expert said, "Israeli soldiers talked about clashes with North Korean warplanes over Sinai." "Mig is led by two North Korean pilots."

"In the months following the October war, Israeli military intelligence spotted conversations among Syrian aircraft commanders in language that clearly did not appear to be original in the Middle East or the Syrian Arab Republic," the expert claimed.

In the same context, he said, Israeli officials made efforts to identify "these mysterious fighter pilots," and for that they sent "captured calls to the Pentagon for analysis. They were stunned by the response they received from Washington. The Americans reported that they were North Koreans attached to the Syrian army."

Source: washingtoninstitute

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