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By Mike Scott; Social media can be overwhelming as it is but when we start talking about all the different tools you have at your finger tips…I don’t know about you but I feel like my head is spinning! I know when I first starting using Social Media for
 Reported by|Daivid Wanton In a statement, BulgariaSat said its BulgariaSat-1 spacecraft is scheduled to launch in mid-June on a Falcon 9 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The first stage of that Falcon 9 will be the same one that launched 10 Iridium Next satellites from Vandenberg Air Force Base in
reported by|david wanton Lord Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal and University of Cambridge Emeritus Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics, in an interview for him with The Conversation.com. has declared with an important issue that are the target of current researchers by the NASA and astronomers who interested with the life
Reported by|David Wanton New Delhi As the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched the South Asia satellite, space strategist space strategist P.K. Ghosh said that it is a path breaking and incredible step, while saying that it would invite all the neighbour countries on the same grid. "I think
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